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When you think of Miami, Florida, images of stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and a diverse cultural scene may come to mind. However, beyond its iconic tourism appeal, Miami has quietly been establishing itself as a hotspot for tech company innovation. From ambitious startups to global tech giants, the city's tech ecosystem is shaping the digital future while embracing the innovative spirit that's synonymous with the Magic City. There are lots of software companies and tech startups building products with information technologies to gain customers, clients and success.

A Tapestry of Tech Companies

Miami's tech scene is a tapestry woven from an array of tech companies, each contributing to the city's growing reputation as a tech hub. While established tech titans like Microsoft, Apple, Symantec and Google have offices in Miami, the city's charm extends to startups that are making waves in their respective industries. Cryptocurrency & blockchain applications have a huge place in the Miami ecosystem, but they are not the only tech businesses making money.

Startups Igniting Innovation

Miami's startup scene is thriving, with entrepreneurs and visionaries flocking to the city to transform their ideas into reality. With programs like Techstars Miami nurturing early-stage startups, the city has become a fertile ground for innovation. These startups are changing the landscape across various sectors, from e-commerce to healthcare, fintech to education, and beyond.

Global Tech Giants in Miami

The presence of tech giants in Miami is a testament to the city's growing significance in the tech world and the talented people teams based there building tools for users. While companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo have established a presence in the city, their influence reaches far beyond its borders. These tech titans bring their expertise, resources, and innovation to Miami, creating a thriving environment for tech enthusiasts and professionals.

The Automotive Revolution with Tesla

Beyond business software and services, Miami has also embraced the future of mobility with open arms. Tesla, the electric vehicle pioneer, has made its mark in the city, contributing to the transformation of transportation. The streets of Miami are now home to the sleek and sustainable designs of Tesla vehicles, exemplifying how technology is revolutionizing even the automotive industry with data.

Empowering Businesses with Oracle and IBM

Tech companies like Oracle and IBM are playing a pivotal role in empowering businesses with their cutting-edge solutions. Oracle's cloud infrastructure and software services are helping companies in Miami and beyond streamline their operations and enhance their capabilities. Similarly, IBM's expertise in artificial intelligence, analytics, and enterprise solutions is making a significant impact on the city's tech landscape.

Building Connections with Cisco and Verizon

The importance of connectivity cannot be understated in today's digital age. Companies like Cisco and Verizon are at the forefront of building networks that enable seamless communication and collaboration. Their presence in Miami ensures that individuals, businesses, and institutions can stay connected in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Innovating for a Sustainable Future with Intel and Qualcomm

Miami's tech companies are also focused on creating a sustainable future, and this mission is shared by companies like Intel and Qualcomm. These tech giants are dedicated to innovation in hardware and semiconductor technology, driving advancements in computing power and energy efficiency that will shape the tech landscape for years to come.

Miami: The Fusion of Tech and Culture

The fusion of technology and culture is what sets Miami's tech scene apart. While global companies like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, and Huawei have a presence in the city, they're not just contributing to its tech ecosystem—they're also embracing its diverse and vibrant culture.

A Digital Horizon Awaits

Miami's tech landscape is a dynamic realm where startups and tech giants collaborate, innovate, and drive progress. From the sunny beaches to the thriving startup hubs, the city offers an environment that nurtures ideas and encourages entrepreneurship. As Miami continues to evolve as a tech hub, it's clear that the digital horizon is limitless, promising exciting opportunities, groundbreaking innovations, and a tech scene that's as diverse as the city itself.

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CapStack Technologies logo
CapStack is a banking system that encourages collaboration among banks and financial services providers in order to boost asset profitability and diversification.
MiamiFL2 - 102023$6,000,000 logo
Arcee is building context adapted SLM's (Small Language Models) through our SLM Adaptation system, all in your own cloud. This system all includes a domain pretraining layer, an alignment layer and a RAG layer—all in one system. Arcee's SLM Adaptation syst
MiamiFL2 - 102023$5,500,000
RemisApp logo
RemTech: connecting families cross borders since 1985, envios2224, now RemisApp, offers free remittance after opening a pre paid debit account through their partner, MasterCard. Remis app also offers best rates for bill paying and free bank withdrawals.
MiamiFL10 - 502023$1,000,000
FirmPilot logo
FirmPilot develops an AI-driven marketing engine designed for law firms. It automatically generates content and SEO to outrank competitors and get more clients.
MiamiFL2 - 102023$2,000,000 logo is a SaaS platform that identifies new revenue streams for businesses, augmented with AI technology. Our B2B predictive sales intelligence model enables firms to streamline and maximize their cross-selling revenue by analyzing historical and ma
MiamiFL5 - 102023$2,500,000
Propense logo is a SaaS platform that identifies new revenue streams for businesses, augmented with AI technology. Our B2B predictive sales intelligence model enables firms to streamline and maximize their cross-selling revenue by analyzing historical and ma
MiamiFL5 - 102023$3,000,000
Faradyne Power Systems logo
Faradyne Power Systems is a renewable energy company that provide solutions for complex energy problems.
MiamiFL1 - 2002023$3,265,000
Dapta logo
Low-code platform for building APIs and AI integrations
MiamiFL1 - 102023$1,200,000
Smart Retrieval logo
At Smart Retrieval, we believe that document intelligence is the key to unlocking the true potential of your data. Our smart information retrieval service empowers you to make informed decisions faster, by putting the right information at your fingertips w
MiamiFL10 - 502023
Omega logo
Omega is a Web3 infrastructure supplier that makes it possible for idle bitcoin to be collateralized for DeFi yield production.
MiamiFL1 - 102023$6,000,000
MyPrize logo
MyPrize is supported by premier developers and top venture businesses. This is the first online casino powered by cryptocurrency with deep social interaction.
MiamiFL1 - 102023$13,000,000
Aimiable logo
Aimiable is an AI operating system for the future of work of customer support teams and contact centers focusing on hyper flexible fully automated scheduling, enriched forecasting, and proactive management.
MiamiFL5 - 202023$4,085,000
Betr logo
Betr is a direct-to-consumer micro-betting that introduces instant gratification to sports betting. It provides tools to support responsible play and give control over their gambling. It encourages them to use these tools to keep the experience fun and wit
MiamiFL20 - 1002022$85,000,000
4everalive Labs logo
With over a decade in the industry, 4everalive is trusted by hundred of brands and businesses as their Private Label partner to help them bring their products and ideas to life. Enhancing beauty and inspiring creativity through natural, effective, and safe
MiamiFL1 - 102022$2,500,000
Exceptional Capital logo
Exceptional Capital is an investor in B2B enterprise software at pre-seed and seed stages.
MiamiFL2 - 102022
Friendly Apps logo
Friendly Apps is to create a suite of apps with a different set of values that are targeted toward helping people with both their physical and mental health in new ways.
MiamiFL2 - 102022$3,000,000
Hexagon Wireless logo
Hexagon Wireless is building decentralized wireless networks and accelerating the adoption of DeWi technology around the world.
MiamiFL5 - 102022$2,000,000
OneAdvisory logo
We empower independent financial advisors to build their ideal firm using advanced technology.
MiamiFL1 - 102022$14,900,000
Law Enforcement Network logo
Law Enforcement Network LLC A robust security company that enables citizens to communicate with law enforcement agencies and security companies to stay vigilant against crime ensure the safety of the public's well-being, and address medical issues on time
MiamiFL2 - 102022
Getaway logo
Getaway provides guidance for real estate investors to showcase properties up for real estate. The company allows users to view information on a certain property and view the amenities, market performance, and a general overview of the location. Getaway wa
MiamiFL2 - 102022$4,400,000
Daash Intelligence logo
Daash Intelligence believes that commerce intelligence is no longer a luxury for consumer brand owners, but rather a mission-critical asset. Daash Intelligence facilitates the use of new data sources to provide real-time insights to any CPG brand.
MiamiFL2 - 102022$2,750,000 logo
The world's first full suite infrastructure platform to augment luxury watch ownership.
MiamiFL5 - 202022$1,900,000
Finnt logo
Finnt harnesses the potential of decentralized finance and makes it available to anybody via a secure and user-friendly online and mobile application. Finnt has made it simple for clients to set up sub-accounts and save for any of their family members. Fin
MiamiFL5 - 202022$3,500,000
Moon Mortgage logo
Moon Mortgage is a financial services company currently based in Miami, Florida, United States. It has been founded in 2022 by Aaron Nevin and Tristan Marino.
MiamiFL2 - 102022$3,500,000
National Cycling League logo
The National Cycling League (NCL), a pioneering professional sports league powered by cutting-edge technology, offers fans a first-of-its-kind experience by using its own patented technology to measure athletes' speed, performance, and health in real-time.
MiamiFL10 - 502022$7,500,000
ARB Interactive logo
ARB Interactive INC is a company that operates in the video games industry. They focus on creating interactive platforms and social video game experiences. Their products are designed with the players in mind, offering free-to-play platforms. The company a
MiamiFL10 - 502022
Ernest Energy logo
Ernest Energy offers AI-powered construction platform pairing custom software with project execution to build more for less.
MiamiFL10 - 502022$13,350,002
Devr logo
Devr provides tools for enterprises to design and orchestrate data privacy, enabling rich open ecosystems for data monetization with continuous compliance.
MiamiFL10 - 502022
Grip logo
Headquartered in the heart of Miami's tech community, Grip is pioneering Direct-to-Consumer Perishable Supply Chain. Grip's smart logistics engine increases customer lifetime value and retention with higher quality deliveries, and predictable shipping. Our
MiamiFL10 - 502022$2,000,000
Zurp logo
Zurp is a fintech platform built for superfans. Instead of a traditional reward program, Zurp offers exclusive experiences with cardholders' favorite influencers.
MiamiFL1 - 102022
Neural Labs logo
Neural Labs provides innovative solutions for various industries implementing AI and machine learning.
MiamiFL1 - 102022$1,400,000
Tonic logo
Tonic is building a permissionless decentralized protocol for fast and seamless trading of any asset on NEAR and Aurora. The platform will enable developers building on NEAR’s Layer 1 solution to integrate trading functionality into their applications.
MiamiFL1 - 1002022$5,000,000
Right Pedal LendOS logo
Right Pedal LendOS is a SaaS/Managed Service fintech company aiming to modernize the way financial institutions provide companies with debt financing around the world. It is founded on modern technology that is easily adoptable, adaptable and scalable; dri
MiamiFL5 - 102022$3,250,000
Passes logo
Building tools for the Web3 Creator Economy
MiamiFL5 - 202022$49,000,000
The Mirror logo
The Mirror simplifies the complexity of game development into a single platform. The Mirror provides developers and 3D creators with limitless experiences and creativity. The Mirror offers community-based user-generated content, multiplayer networking, rea
MiamiFL5 - 202022$4,600,000
CryptoLeague logo
CryptoLeague™ unleashes the power of community investing for crypto and NFT fans. It’s a space for competitive investing made easy, fueled by a first of its kind Engage-to-Earn™ economy incentivized to accelerate financial freedom. The future of invest
MiamiFL10 - 502021$2,200,000
Boomerang logo
Thanks Boomerang is a technology-powered service that collects, stores, and returns lost valuables back to their owners.
MiamiFL10 - 502021$7,700,000
Cosmic Wire logo
At the forefront of Web3 innovation and blockchain solutions, Cosmic Wire's proprietary technology and decentralized applications provide a distinctive infrastructure and the backbone operating system powering today’s Web3 ecosystem. Our platform-agnostic
MiamiFL20 - 502021$49,575,000
Porter logo
Porter is a big data and analytics company for health care and consumer products. The company was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in Miami, Florida,
MiamiFL20 - 1002021$10,478,193
TA Connections logo
TA Connections is a fleetcor company, provider of technology and services for crew and passenger logistics management. our next-gen suite of solutions makes travel management easier and less expensive while ensuring professional travelers worldwide remain
MiamiFL200 - 1,0002021
BrokeBoyz logo
Brokeboyz building the web3 technology and bridging the gap between gaming, music, and culture.
MiamiFL2 - 102021$1,200,000
CLEER Security logo
CLEER Security helps increase SOC efficiency and productivity impacted by an escalating increase of alerts and tools.
MiamiFL10 - 502021
Qurable logo
Qurable is a curated marketplace 3.0 for phydigital collectibles (digital twins) in which brands, creators and artists collaborate together to create and sell iconic objects in the realm of arts, fashion and luxury. We help thousands of digital & cripto na
MiamiFL10 - 502021$2,500,000
Enveedo logo
Enveedo is a SaaS platform that helps to design, prioritize, and automate vital security activities.
MiamiFL5 - 202021$3,150,000
Flamingo Capital logo
Led by a team of Miami founders + investors, Flamingo Capital sources top deals based on local roots, provides access to top tier founders across the country that have made their way through Miami and from our deep network of venture capital investors arou
MiamiFL2 - 102021
Endear Health logo
Endear Health is a digital medicare platform simplifying healthcare for older adults.
MiamiFL5 - 202021$12,000,000
TicketRev logo
TicketRev helps fans find cheaper tickets to their favorite games and concerts. Fans name their price for their preferred seating location, enabling resellers and teams to sell their inventory faster.
MiamiFL2 - 102021$1,600,000
BeetsDAO logo
The DAO connecting the world's creativity by incubating, tokenizing and creating shared incentives for creators and audiences in web3
MiamiFL10 - 502021$1,600,000
Traba logo
Traba is a marketplace that connects light industrial workers with businesses to fill open shifts. Their focus is on opportunities in warehousing, distribution, and event staffing.
MiamiFL50 - 1002021$45,600,000
Aument logo
Aument helps ecomm brands acquire and retain customers. Aument is an ecommerce toolbox with easy to use marketing actions and workflows
MiamiFL5 - 202021$1,500,000
Kocomo logo
Kocomo is an early-stage proptech startup, backed by leading U.S., European, and Latin American investors. Leveraging the power of technology, Kocomo has created a transparent vertically-integrated solution that empowers people to purchase, enjoy, and sell
MiamiFL10 - 502021$56,000,000
Kawa Analytics logo
KAWA Analytics is an all-in-one data analytics (BI) platform that anyone can run. With KAWA, you can connect and aggregate data from hundreds of data sources in real-time, create amazing charts and automate workflows. By building a single source of truth,
MiamiFL10 - 502021
Mona logo
Mona is a creator-first world building platform powered by web3. We are the best place for architects, game developers, and artists to start building in the metaverse. Anyone can create, explore and monetize in the Monaverse - no land, no limits. Mona’s mi
MiamiFL20 - 502021
GetSwype logo
Swype is a non-custodial wallet app that allows users to use crypto to interact with permissionless protocols. Swype was founded in 2021 and was headquartered in Florida, USA.
MiamiFL2 - 102021$3,750,000
Vacation logo
Vacation manufactures sunscreen products that are intended to protect the skin. The company's products are free of harmful ingredients, made with natural moisturizers, and have been approved by skin cancer specialists.
MiamiFL50 - 1002021$6,000,000
FIVVY logo
Fivvy is a Fintech company that creates a smart wallet that uses for payment processors and financial institutions. Fivvy was founded 2021 and was headquartered in Florida, United States.
MiamiFL20 - 1002021$5,500,000
Debbie logo
Debbie is building the first debt payoff + savings product that rewards borrowers for paying down their debt by incorporating automatic APR savings as they improve their financial habits. Unlike incumbent debt consolidation or financial health products, De
MiamiFL10 - 502021$2,685,000
Otsy logo
The ultimate travel app for the modern adventurer! We believe that travel should be fun, spontaneous, and authentic. That's why we've created an app that makes it easy for you to discover, trust, and book the best local experiences, all in one place. With
MiamiFL10 - 502021$2,500,000
Spearbit logo
Spearbit connects independent security experts to Web3 projects that need them. The company offers a range of services, including expert-conducted security reviews and ongoing security reviews through retainer agreements. These services provide clients wit
MiamiFL5 - 202021$8,500,000
HealthBird logo
HealthBird is changing how consumers can access affordable healthcare insurance. Easy app-based enrollment, no hidden fees, and no agents, just a smart and simple match to the plan that is best for you and your family.
MiamiFL50 - 1002021$5,250,000
Gemini Sports Analytics logo
Gemini Sports Analytics develops a data management platform for sports management. Its platform utilizes artificial intelligence-based predictive analytics tools to help sports managers improve athlete welfare and enhance their performance.
MiamiFL10 - 502021$10,495,161
Onyx Card logo
Onyx is a modern private bank for the new generation of high net worth individuals. We offer a premium and digital banking experience with a white-glove service for all your personal finance, wealth and lifestyle needs.
MiamiFL10 - 502021$4,100,000
Introducing Securith - first secure Safe deposit box for digital assets and Escrow crypto mpc wallet to pay for virtually everything. Cryptocurrency is the future of finance, and Escrypto provides the user-friendliness and robust security the mass-market n
MiamiFL2 - 102021$2,250,000
OKY logo
OKY builds technologies that help immigrants to improve their lives, connecting families and sending value home efficiently. The Company's products enable people to participate in the digital economy, connecting and sharing goods and services with friends
MiamiFL10 - 502021$8,640,000
Ugami logo
Ugami provides financial solutions and rewards for gamers that can be used in gaming merchandise, digital goods, hardware, and software.
MiamiFL10 - 202021$4,800,000
Stacked Spirits logo
Stacked Spirits is a food and beverage company that offers luxury spirits.
MiamiFL1 - 102021$1,499,000
Aleph Group, Inc. manufactures automobiles. The Company offers bloodmobiles, modular hospitals, mobile medical, and specialty vehicles. Aleph Group serves clients in the United States.
MiamiFL500 - 1,0002021$470,000,000
OnChain Studios logo
OnChain Studios is a software company that intends to bring ownership to interactive experiences. The company was founded in 2021 by Will Weinraub and is headquartered in Miami Shores, Florida, United States.
MiamiFL20 - 1002021$34,000,000
OneOf logo
OneOf is a new green NFT platform built specifically for the music community.
MiamiFL50 - 1002021$12,600,000 logo
Connected Car retail orchestration platform that connects goods and services sellers into Car consoles. We are working with leading Head Unit manufacturers and car makers on their next generation customer experiences.
MiamiFL10 - 502021$4,775,000
Algora Labs logo
Algora Labs is a strategy development platform for trading
MiamiFL5 - 102021
Elevated Ride-Hailing Technologies logo
Elevated enters the market with a vision to become one of the leading ride-hailing companies in the United States, with an all-electric fleet of Tesla vehicles with self-driving capabilities, as well as a strategy to revolutionize the riding experience.
MiamiFL2 - 102021
Faraway logo
Faraway makes hyper-social blockchain games with player-driven economies. The company was founded in 2021 and is based in Miami, Florida.
MiamiFL20 - 1002021$29,000,000
Mueshi logo
Mueshi is a decentralized Global Art Exchange platform that allows investors to fractionally invest in artworks. Investors discover diverse artworks to buy and sell fractional shares, while artists receive pay and re-sale royalties for their work.
MiamiFL2 - 102021$3,300,000
GamerGains logo
GamerGains Labs is the first-ever token and cryptocurrency-based play and earn platform serving traditional gamers – a community of hundreds of millions of people around the world that enjoy playing on PCs and consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation. Offerin
MiamiFL5 - 102021$5,800,000
Affine logo
Alpine is a Web3 protocol and dApp that helps users automate their savings and grow their crypto holdings by getting rid of high fees and complexity.
MiamiFL50 - 5002021$6,900,000
Ping logo
The contractors say "Impeccable. I did the KYC in 5 minutes and it was approved almost immediately. The flow of the transactions is super clear, solid and fast in execution" "Ping is a super robust product, accessible to any type of user and highly practic
MiamiFL10 - 502021$15,000,000
Sortium logo
Sortium operates as an entertainment tech company that combines AI and Web3. The company generates game content with AI, automatically tokenized for simulated live gameplay balance.
MiamiFL50 - 1002021$11,750,000
Poolit logo
Poolit allows users to invest in private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds with no minimum. The company was founded by Dakotah Rice in 2021 and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.
MiamiFL5 - 202021$5,255,000
MedGEO logo
MedGEO is a Health Tech company that leverages computer vision and machine learning to automate and streamline documentation associated with clinical and administrative workflows. MedGEO's technology makes it possible for hospitals and relevant stakeholde
MiamiFL10 - 502021$5,065,000
Zulu logo
Securing freedom for millions around the globe with real financial inclusion.
MiamiFL5 - 102021$10,000,000
Tesouro logo
Tesouro is a FinTech company that specifies payments.
MiamiFL10 - 502021
RewardsWeb logo
RewardsWeb offers a platform that enhances loyalty and reward programs. Its platform helps shoppers to pay for purchases with local credit and debit cards or with cash at banks through agreements with local financial institutions, thereby enabling customer
MiamiFL20 - 502021$3,900,000
Colkie logo
Colkie is a content creators economy platform where artists can monetize their content while creating personalized experiences for their fans
MiamiFL20 - 5020214300000 EUR
OpenStore logo
OpenStore connects merchants and customers into a single unified shopping experience through access to data, information, and capital. The company aims to offer instant liquidity for eCommerce entrepreneurs.
MiamiFL100 - 5002021$137,000,000
Recur logo
Recur design & develop on-chain branded experiences for fans to buy, collect, and re-sell NFTs. RECUR is chain agnostic and is fundamentally changing the NFT market by creating and setting the standard for a decentralized recurring royalty, creating the wi
MiamiFL100 - 5002021$55,000,000
Variant logo
Variant is an early-stage venture firm investing in crypto networks & platforms building The Ownership Economy.
MiamiFL20 - 502020
Calculum logo
Calculum develops a data analytics platform intended to reinvent the way companies analyze, manage, and negotiate payment terms. It utilizes smart analytics to identify opportunities that will strengthen trading partners by mapping the entire supply chain
MiamiFL20 - 502020$4,191,476
Creednz logo
World class capabilities to mitigate a significant problem in corporations. Backed by leading VCs infused with talent and grit. Stay tuned for more updates.
MiamiFL2 - 102020$7,000,000
Dropmints logo
Dropmints is a manufacturing company.
MiamiFL2 - 102020
CoreZero logo
CoreZero is a climate-tech company dedicated to hastening the transition to net zero energy. It quantifies and monetizes the positive environmental impact of food waste reduction or valorization initiatives.
MiamiFL20 - 502020$7,000,000
VRRB Labs logo
VRRB is a startup that is building a new, innovative, computationally lightweight block mining and consensus algorithm known as Proof of Claim. Proof of Claim allows for fast, decentralized, fair validation of transactions and block mining. Due to the ligh
MiamiFL10 - 502020$3,700,000
Paylode logo
Paylode is the easiest way to launch and manage the best Ancillary Partnership Programs in the industry.
MiamiFL10 - 502020$8,000,000
LENX logo
The LENX Platform was conceived as an innovative mobile application. The company is dedicated to community engagement and employs innovative approaches in emergency response, empowering individuals to contribute significantly to public safety. LENX is a dy
MiamiFL10 - 502020$6,000,000
Erudit logo
Erudit applies the latest technologies so companies get reliable, timely People Analytics for data-powered decisions.
MiamiFL20 - 1002020
Letterhead logo
Letterhead is a software company that provides a software suite to create, send, and monetize your newsletters and emails.
MiamiFL10 - 502020$5,300,000
Aplós logo
Aplós creates a bold and aromatic non-alcoholic spirit that offers a sophisticated new way to unwind.
MiamiFL5 - 202020$5,500,000
Curve Health logo
Curve Health is senior care without walls. Founded in April of 2020 on a platform that’s reduced patient transfers from Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) to Emergency Departments by 50%+, Curve advances connected senior care by bridging the silos that hind
MiamiFL20 - 502020$18,000,000
Unybrands logo
Unybrands is an e-commerce platform to buy, build, and boost online brands. The platform specializing in categories, such as personal care, pet care, household products, and juvenile and baby, unybrands also provides exit opportunities for entrepreneurs,
MiamiFL100 - 5002020$325,000,000
Slushy logo
SLUSHY is a secure mobile web based platform for content creators to find, grow, & monetize their audiences. A creator first, tech-driven tool, designed with key discoverability features and audience insights. In a market where existing solutions (OnlyFans
MiamiFL5 - 202020$2,750,000
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