Companies with Offices in Westlake Village

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Image Logo Company Name Founded Year Total Amount Raised Headquarters Location Description Min Employees Max Employees
Social Reality Social Reality 2009 $40,131,160 Westlake Village, CA Financial services company founded in 2009 153 500 2016 $34,000,000 Westlake Village, CA Meditation app 20 50
PureSpectrum PureSpectrum 2016 $24,599,992 Westlake Village, CA An intelligent marketplace to buy and sell sample. 100 200
Eta Compute Inc Eta Compute Inc 2015 $23,681,228 Westlake Village, CA Organization founded in 2015 10 50
ADVATIX - Advanced Supply Chain And Logistics ADVATIX - Advanced Supply Chain And Logistics 2017 Westlake Village, CA Transport company founded in 2017 200 500
FeldCare Connects FeldCare Connects 2013 Westlake Village, CA Your Therapy Care Provider 200 500
Astera Software Astera Software 1987 Westlake Village, CA Capitalize on the Data Advantage with Our High-Performance Data Management Solutions 50 200
LungLife AI Inc LungLife AI Inc 2006 Westlake Village, CA Company in Westlake Village, United States 50 200
PennyMac Broker Direct PennyMac Broker Direct 2017 Westlake Village, CA American residential mortgage company 6,900 6,900
Virtuity Financial Partners Virtuity Financial Partners Westlake Village, CA Organization based in United States 200 500
Screamingbox Screamingbox 2012 Westlake Village, CA A leading digital development and team extension company, providing a customized service to fit all tech projects. 50 200
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