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List of Offline Ventures Portfolio Companies

Company NameDescriptionYear FoundedTotal Amount Raised
Arkive gives back to photography an experience that was found in the past. Immortalizing a moment and not knowing immediately what the photo will look like gives a feeling of surprise and pleasure that our generation does not remember because of the widesp
Think of your favorite podcast. Now imagine it as a gift, focused on a person, relationship, event, or question that matters to you. That's Artifact. Our mission is to record life, one story at a time.
Unbounded Tokenization & Encryption Infrastructure
We are empowering the next generation of Americans to start building wealth earlier.
European style organic infant formula that meets the U.S. FDA's nutritional requirements. Bobbie is the only female-founded and mom-led infant formula company in the U.S.
Boss Beauties provides financial literacy to women of color through networking, learning, coaching, mentoring.
Clubhouse is an audio-based social app that allows users to join group chats. It describes itself as a space for casual, drop-in audio conversations with friends and other interesting people around the world that allows users to go online anytime to chat w
Cofertility is a human-first fertility ecosystem rewriting the egg freezing and egg donation experience. Our Freeze by Co platform enables women to freeze their eggs for free when they donate half of the eggs to a family that otherwise can’t conceive. For
Pluot is the easiest way to video conference. A complete hardware + software solution for video conferencing and screen sharing. Dedicated hardware that easily connects to your TV. Free software so anyone can join your meetings.
Density Inc. operates as a software company. The Company sells access to a data platform that delivers real-time, accurate, and anonymous people count, as well as allows to make informed, data driven decisions around their real estate portfolios, conferenc
Diagram is a tool for design. They are reimagining UI design in the era of generative AI. They also provide a magical design tool powered by AI. The builders, creatives, and prototypers are looking to grow individually and together. They create radically p
Duckbill provides personal assistant service.
Gilgamesh is a pioneering early-stage biotech developing novel compounds that build upon the benefits of classic psychedelics with improvements of other components such as safety, tolerability, duration, and efficacy. Mental health worldwide has reached ep
Neighbor is an American company that provides an online marketplace for peer-to-peer and traditional self storage.
A new tool that blends your everyday work apps into one. It's the all-in-one workspace for you and your team.
Osmind builds software for clinics that care for treatment-resistant mental health patients. Our software and insights improve clinical care and streamline provider workflows, while accelerating the development of novel therapeutics, precision diagnostics,
Used by over 70,000 developers and creatives, Pinata secures and moves data with #IPFS for #blockchain and #crypto applications. More than 45 million files have been pinned with our #NFT multimedia solution.
Sunnyside is a developer of an alcohol tracking app to help people build healthier habits around their drinking. It offers a custom plan based on current drinking habits and goals, then set a daily reminder via text message that help users set the limit of
XMTP is an open, crypto-native communication protocol that connects communities, applications, and users. It was founded in 2021 and is based in Austin, Texas.

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