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Company NameDescriptionYear FoundedTotal Amount Raised
Creating limited edition digital books powered by blockchain. We are a company with Renaissance values, building tools that unlock human potential. Our culture blends the humanism of Athens with the efficiency of Sparta. Our team loves long-term thinking,
Aware Healthcare is reinventing therapy. We're a venture-backed digital health startup creating a new mental health care system where everyone can get the quality care they deserve. 100 million Americans are currently struggling with a mental health issue
Blair helps schools to be more accessible by structuring and creating sustainable ISA programs. It features ISA which allows students to attend educational programs without upfront tuition and pay back once they have a job. It was founded in 2019 and headq
Firstbase helps companies go office-less instantly. Our platform lets them supply, finance, and manage all the physical equipment remote workers need to be as safe, comfortable, and productive at home as in an office. We handle everything as a monthly subs
LatchBio develops a data infrastructure intended to build and disseminate the open-source infrastructure of the biocomputing revolution. Founded in 2021 by Alfredo Andere, Kyle Giffin, and Kenny Workman, the company creates open-source machine learning and
Founders: You're owed $50K by the IRS. We'll get it back for you in 20 minutes, no paperwork required. Free to qualify. Claim your savings in 20 minutes:
Mainstreet is a committed to helping all 30 million+ businesses in the them get back what they're owed so they can keep pushing them forward. Their software hunts for 200+ tax credits your startup is owed – once they've found one, we'll do all the paperwor
Annually, the wealthiest 300,000 people spend $1.3 million each on their lifestyle, but still struggle to find everything they want. - The most sought-after products, services, and experiences are never listed online. - Private events, private clubs, and
Mythia is a debit card, designed for gamers. Being gamers ourselves here at Mythia, we wanted to bring something to the playing field that had people like us in mind. You can use this debit card just like any other debit card, but with each swipe, you get
Pallet brings curation to job searches, so users can see the jobs that count. Cardea brings Spotify-style playlists to job search. Users can choose their favourite curated playlists and filter out the noise to focus on what matters. Job posts on Pallet are
Pave is a suite of real-time compensation tools to help companies plan and communicate compensation.
Playbook is a beautiful, organized home base for all creative work. For teams, Playbook makes it easy to share, and collaborate on visual projects. For freelancers, Playbook makes collaborating with clients and sharing their work with the world seamless.Pl
Popshop live is a mobile live streaming marketplace where talented individuals can create and host their own shopping channel and sell directly to a global audience. Viewers can interact and shop with the broadcasters in real-time during the streams and ac
Queue is a SAAS enabled marketplace that lets designers to build an online business and get hired easily. Over 50,000 designers trust Queues platform to collaborate with clients, showcase their work, and find new leads for their business. Startups trusts Q
Ramp is a technology company building the next generation corporate card to save businesses money. We’re redesigning how corporate spend should be managed from the ground up to save time, money, and ensure control. We provide companies higher card limits,
Replay is a browser that records all of the context you need to fix bugs faster.
RoboTire automates vehicle maintenance using software, computer vision, and robotics, starting with 10-minute tire replacements. The company was founded in 2018 by Victor Darolfi and is headquartered in San Carlos, California, United States.
Secureframe is a provider of SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliance automation software used for compliant security. It provides automated compliance audits and ongoing compliance monitoring that ensures the service providers securely manage the data to protect th
SKAEL is a No-Code Digital Workforce Platform that helps companies of all sizes automate across disparate applications, data sources, and documents while engaging users where they are email, text, voice, and video communication channels. Gain immediate val
Sonr is a blockchain ecosystem where users have full control over their digital identity, and developers are empowered to build peer-to-peer decentralized applications.
οΏ½ Create 3D web experiences without coding. Build and iterate fast with production-ready results.
Switchboard is the first error monitoring and incident response platform for Zapier and Make (formerly Integromat). its goal is to become the operating system for non-technical teams building dashboards, systems, and processes.
VIAVIA is an organization currently based in Los Angeles, California, United States. It has been founded in 2021 by Luigi Caccia, Andrea Pasinetti, and Sixuan Li.
Video-based talent development powered by AI and experts. Available as no-code platform and as an API for developers.
Zebec is a continuous settlement protocol on Solana. Zebec is enabling the composable transfer of value starting with Stream Payroll.

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