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Snorkel AI

👥 100 - 500 employees

🏢 Redwood City, CA

🌱 Company founded in 2019

💰 Total funding to date $135,250,000

Snorkel AI is a technology startup that accelerates enterprise AI application development and deployment through programmatic data labeling. The startup makes AI application development fast and practical by unlocking the power of machine learning without the bottleneck of hand-labeled training data. Their mission is to unlock the true potential of machine learning by removing the bottleneck of hand-labeled training data with Snorkel Flow. The company was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

  • Software Engineer — Backend (Distributed Systems)Hybrid / Redwood City, CA
  • Software Engineer — AI/MLHybrid / Redwood City, CA
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👥 50 - 100 employees

🏢 Gaithersburg, MD

🌱 Company founded in 2020

💰 Total funding to date $422,000,000

Arcellx is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel, adaptive and controllable cell therapies for the treatment of patients with cancer and autoimmune diseases. The Company's proprietary ARC-sparX platform separates the tumor-recognition and tumor-killing functions of conventional CAR-T cell therapies: (1) sparX (soluble protein antigen-receptor X-linkers) proteins recognize and bind specific antigens on diseased cells and flag those cells for destruction; and (2) ARC-T (Antigen Receptor Complex-T) cells bind the sparX proteins and kill the flagged cells. Arcellx has developed a collection of sparX proteins that bind different cell surface antigens. Administration of alternate sparX proteins can redirect ARC-T cells to different disease antigens to potentially address relapsed and refractory disease due to tumor heterogeneity or antigen escape. Additionally, ARC-T cell activity can be curbed as needed by controlling the dose and frequency of sparX administration.

  • Senior Scientist, Cell BiologyRockville, MD
  • Senior Scientist, Machine Learning and Protein DesignRockville, MD
  • ScientistRockville, MD
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👥 200 - 500 employees

🏢 Redwood City, CA

🌱 Company founded in 2012

💰 Total funding to date $171,846,272

TigerGraph operates as a software development company. The Company offers real-time graph analytics platform for enterprise. TigerGraph provides personalized recommendations, fraud prevention, supply-chain logistics, company knowledge graph, and other features. TigerGraph serves customers in the State of California.

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Element Science

👥 100 - 500 employees

🏢 San Francisco, CA

🌱 Company founded in 2013

💰 Total funding to date $183,100,000

Element Science is a San-Francisco based medical device and digital health start-up that develops lifesaving wearable solutions designed to deliver an outstanding experience. By putting the patient first, we seek to redefine what lifesaving medical devices can be. Our approach is founded on combining user-centric design, a rigorous approach to medical device development, and the integration and application of data science and machine learning. Our focus is on developing solutions that address leading causes of death and hospitalization due to heart disease. Our first product -- funded by Google Ventures and Third Rock Ventures -- aims to redefine treatment for sudden cardiac death, a disease that claims over 300,000 lives in the US every year. We are a team of dedicated professionals passionate about improving and saving the lives of patients. Our team has a broad set of experiences from successful start-ups like iRhythm to top medical device companies like Boston Scientific, Medtronic, St. Jude and Abbott. Come join our growing team if you are interested in making a real difference in patients' lives and shaping the future of med tech.

  • Senior Supplier Quality EngineerRedwood City, CA
  • Senior Sustaining EngineerRedwood City, CA
  • Principal Algorithms & Data Systems EngineerSan Francisco, CA
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👥 200 - 500 employees

🏢 Redwood City, CA

🌱 Company founded in 2014

💰 Total funding to date $1,254,400,000

Revolution Medicines, Inc. operates as an oncology company. The Company discovers novel targeted therapies to inhibit elusive frontier targets within notorious growth and survival pathways. Revolution Medicines serves customers worldwide.

  • Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)Redwood City, California, United States
  • Senior Director, Drug ProductRedwood City, California, United States
  • Senior Scientist II, Drug ProductRedwood City, California, United States
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👥 100 - 500 employees

🏢 San Francisco, CA

🌱 Company founded in 2017

💰 Total funding to date $113,000,000

Zilliz is a leading vector database company for production-ready AI. Built by the engineers who created Milvus, the world's most popular open-source vector database, Zilliz is on a mission to unleash data insights with AI. The company builds next-generation database technologies to help organizations rapidly create AI/ML applications, and unlock the potential of unstructured data. By taking the burden of complex data infrastructure management off of its users, Zilliz is committed to bringing the power of AI to every corporation, every organization, and every individual. Headquartered in San Francisco, Zilliz is backed by a number of prestigious investors, including Hillhouse Capital, Aramco's Prosperity7 Ventures, Temasek's Pavilion Capital, 5Y Capital, Yunqi Partners, Trustbridge Partners and others. Zilliz's technologies and products help over 1000 organizations worldwide easily create AI applications in various scenarios, including computer vision, image retrieval, video analysis, NLP, recommendation engines, targeted ads, customized search, smart chatbots, fraud detection, network security, new drug discovery, and much more. Learn more at or follow @zilliz_universe.

  • Connect with us!Redwood City, California, United States
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Altos Labs

👥 200 - 1,000 employees

🏢 Redwood City, CA

🌱 Company founded in 2022

💰 Total funding to date $3,000,000,000

Altos Labs, Inc. is an American biotechnology research company. Altos Labs' goal is to develop life extension therapies that can halt or reverse the human aging process. Specialized cell therapies based on induced pluripotent stem cells are to be developed for this purpose. The company was started in 2022.

  • Director / Senior Director, Safety AssessmentSan Francisco Bay Area, CA