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👥 1,000 - 5,000 employees

🏢 Emeryville, CA

🌱 Company founded in 2007

💰 Total funding to date $1,050,491,904

Tanium invented a new approach to endpoint security and systems management, where security and IT operations teams can achieve more.

  • Sr Product Marketing ManagerDurham, NC
  • Sr. Global Partner Marketing ManagerAddison, TX
  • Director, Product Management - Partnerships & IntegrationsDurham, NC (Hybrid)
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👥 100 - 500 employees

🏢 Emeryville, CA

🌱 Company founded in 2018

💰 Total funding to date $456,973,184

Gene editing is changing the world. Founded by pioneers in the CRISPR/CAS revolution, Metagenomi is discovering the next generation of gene-editing systems for use in treating genetic diseases.

  • Vice President, Head of Regulatory AffairsEmeryville, California, United States
  • Submit your CV for General ConsiderationEmeryville, California, United States
  • Associate Director, Manufacturing Emeryville, California, United States
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Memphis Meats

👥 200 - 500 employees

🏢 Berkeley, CA

🌱 Company founded in 2015

💰 Total funding to date $598,000,000

Memphis Meats, Inc. offers food products. The Company produces meat products from animal cells. Memphis Meats operates in the State of California.

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4D Molecular Therapeutics

👥 100 - 500 employees

🏢 Emeryville, CA

🌱 Company founded in 2013

💰 Total funding to date $295,000,000

4d Molecular Therapeutics, LLC operates as a biotechnology company. The Company designs, develops, and commercializes transformative gene therapeutic products for unmet medical conditions. 4d Molecular Therapeutics serves customers in the State of California.

  • Sr. NetSuite Solutions Architect - ITEmeryville, California
  • Sr. Director, Development Project Team LeadEmeryville, California
  • Facilities EngineerEmeryville, California
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Ginkgo Bioworks

👥 1,000 - 2,000 employees

🏢 Boston, MA

🌱 Company founded in 2008

💰 Total funding to date $800,403,008

Ginkgo Bioworks is a biotech company from the United States founded in 2009 by scientists from MIT and headed by Tom Knight. The company specializes in using genetic engineering to produce bacteria with industrial applications. Ginkgo Bioworks is an analytics company that designs organisms for customers in a range of industries. It is the self-proclaimed "Organism Company" and is one of the world's largest privately held biotech companies. As of 2019, it was valued at $4.2 billion.

  • Mammalian Engineer 1, RNA Downstream ProcessingEmeryville, California
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Prolific Machines

👥 20 - 50 employees

🏢 San Francisco, CA

🌱 Company founded in 2020

💰 Total funding to date $42,000,000

Prolific Machines Inc. is building a novel cell manufacturing platform to enable stem cells to be maintained and differentiated, without any recombinant proteins in the feedstock.

  • Senior Analytical ScientistEmeryville, CA
  • Head of Technical ProgramsEmeryville, CA
  • Flavor Scientist- Product InnovationEmeryville, CA
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Slingshot Biosciences

👥 20 - 100 employees

🏢 Emeryville, CA

🌱 Company founded in 2012

💰 Total funding to date $34,000,000

Next-Generation Cellular Controls to Advance Human Health

  • Senior Manager, Business SystemsEmeryville, CA
  • Senior Engineer (Engineer 2), Technical OperationsEmeryville, CA
  • Flow Cytometry Core ManagerEmeryville, CA
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👥 20 - 100 employees

🏢 Boston, MA

🌱 Company founded in 2017

💰 Total funding to date $108,481,328

DermBiont’s mission is to become the world’s leading precision dermatology company developing targeted topical therapeutics that treat, cure, and prevent diseases.

  • Vice President of Clinical Operations6425 Christie Avenue, Emeryville, CA
  • Associate Director or Director of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance6425 Christie Avenue, Emeryville, CA
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👥 20 - 50 employees

🏢 Emeryville, CA

🌱 Company founded in 2019

💰 Total funding to date $21,000,000

We discover the 1 in a million 10,000x faster. Harnessing evolution means giving nature the time and space to find complex solutions. Current technology falls fall short of the scale required to accelerate this process. The current state of the art is to rely on technology like liquid-handling robot... Read more

  • RA II, III / Senior RA - FermentationEmeryville, CA
  • Product Manager, Food and Nutrition PortfolioEmeryville, CA
  • General InterestEmeryville, CA