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Optumi logo
A JupyterLab extension that runs local notebooks as jobs in the cloud.
BostonMA5 - 102021
Monetics logo
Monetics is a SaaS platform that transforms the way commercial real estate lenders and investors manage their debt portfolios. Our debt management platform eliminates arduous manual processes, provides real-time loan vitals, and uncovers untapped value via
BostonMA2 - 102020
Reprise logo
No code platform to create demos of software
BostonMA50 - 1002020$82,200,000
DealMate logo
DealMate makes shopping more convenient by allowing consumers to create, share, rate and discuss deals in real-time for thousands of businesses all in one app.Our platform allows shoppers to share deals and promotions that they find while shopping at physi
LafayetteIN1 - 102020
Native Voice logo
Native Voice is a software SDK for audio device manufacturers to integrate their SDK to create the next generation of listening devices. The company is building a fundamental building block to enable this voice-first ecosystem. Native Voice removes that f
BostonMA10 - 502020$14,000,000
VerAI Discoveries logo
VerAI Discoveries is a tech company that offers an AI platform that detects concealed mineral deposits, in the underexplored blue ocean of covered terrain.
BostonMA10 - 202020$15,400,000
MAJOR logo
Major is an online booking platform that enables businesses to manage appointments, accept online payments, and create custom booking forms. We're a one-stop solution for digitalizing service-based businesses. Our platform gives small businesses the power
BostonMA1 - 102019
AllSpice logo
AllSpice is a SaaS platform that integrates with native hardware engineering design tools to provide effortless revision control, a central platform for collaboration, and design analytics.
BostonMA5 - 202019$5,999,994
Pakira, Inc. logo
Pakira serves buyers and sellers across the lumber supply chain by helping businesses find customers, get orders, and share updates. A free and simple directory, forum, and messenger to connect vetted partners while preserving privacy and competitive adva
BostonMA5 - 202019
Burmester & Vogel logo
Demurrage software and freight analytics for maritime and commodity trade execution
BostonMA5 - 102019$1,650,000
Furiocity logo
In almost every community in the U.S., it’s clear that market-based housing is not affordable for the vast majority of people. Banks and mortgage companies attach stringent criteria and high interest rates to loans that often lock people out of buying and
BostonMA1 - 102019
Kintent logo
Kintent is an all-in-one revenue-accelerating compliance platform. Kintent automates security compliance audit readiness, uses machine learning and NLP to auto-suggest answers to security questionnaires, and generates a live, elegant website and API that l
BostonMA20 - 502019
Vocalis Health logo
Vocalis Health will develop an artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform that analyses voice to assess the health status of a person.The technology facilitates healthcare providers to remotely interact with patients for screening and monitoring patients
BostonMA20 - 502019$9,000,000
Intuilab logo
IntuiLab is the company behind IntuiFace, the leading, globally recognized solution for creating, deploying and managing deeply interactive digital experiences without writing code. More than 1000 customers in 60+ countries use IntuiFace to build multi-to
1 - 1002019
Zilla Security logo
Zilla Security is an early-stage security startup that provides a software-as-a-service security management platform. It was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.
BostonMA20 - 502019$17,625,000
SettleTop logo
SettleTop is an enterprise software platform that provides an objective assessment of the risk and vulnerabilities of a software asset
BostonMA10 - 502019
Hello Raye logo
Hello Raye is elevating the way design firms source the perfect products, connect with suppliers, and collaborate on exciting commercial-focused projects.
BostonMA10 - 502019$4,000,000
Aryeo logo
Aryeo is a leading content management platform for the real estate industry. The platform enables content creators (real estate photographers, videographers, 3D providers) and real estate professionals (agents and brokers) to host, collaborate, deliver, an
BostonMA20 - 502019$7,150,000
Employa logo
Employa is a smart recruiting assistant. Its AI-driven approach helps companies to reduce hiring expenses and shorten the time to hire. At the same time, candidates enjoy a transparent and streamlined hiring process. Features: - Seamless integration with e
BostonMA10 - 502019
RAMP logo
Ramp is a technology company building the next generation corporate card to save businesses money. We’re redesigning how corporate spend should be managed from the ground up to save time, money, and ensure control. We provide companies higher card limits,
New YorkNY500 - 2,0002019$1,667,000,064
OnRamp logo
OnRamp is software that helps teams infuse world-class customer onboarding into their DNA. Using OnRamp, new customers are invited to a powerful, collaborative web experience that guides them to success, with everything they need in one place. The result
AustinTX50 - 1002019
Goldcast logo
Our mission is to create amazing event experience for enterprises. We are a purpose-built platform for enterprises to conduct memorable online events - client summits, workshops, product launches, thought leadership summits, regional conferences - you nam
BostonMA100 - 5002019$38,000,000
Ressemble logo
Ressemble is an organization currently based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. It has been founded in 2019 by Rasmus Goksor and Josh Payne.
BostonMA5 - 102019
Monit logo
Meet Monit, a mobile tool that helps your small business customers improve their cashflow and manage their finances with the latest in smart, predictive technology. This co-branded tool gives your customers a hands-on companion to complement and reinforce
BostonMA20 - 502019$10,693,757
CloudTruth logo
CloudTruth is a unified configuration management company that unifies access and visibility into companies’ infrastructure, application and secrets configuration data. By leveraging CloudTruth’s API, CLI and GUI, developers can manage their parameters, tem
BostonMA10 - 502019$7,650,000
Upshot logo
Upshot is a blockchain-based protocol that incentivizes experts to answer subjective questions honestly and captures the value of truth. Its first product aims to provide an efficient price-discovery mechanism for NFTs by paying experts for honest appraisa
ChicagoIL10 - 502019$28,000
Demand Sage logo
Effortlessly bring HubSpot data into Sheets, with advanced one-click reports, data explorers, and insights to answer your most important sales and marketing questions. Sync your HubSpot data to Sheets nightly and sync back new data, like pageviews in last
BostonMA10 - 502019$3,000,000
FireCompass logo
FireCompass is a SaaS platform for Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) & Attack Surface Management (ASM). It continuously indexes and monitors the deep, dark & surface web to map out an organization's digital attack surface including Shadow IT blind sp
BostonMA20 - 1002019$7,000,000
OpptyNow logo
OpptyNow is a software services and applications company that provides a platform for merchants and consumers.
BostonMA1 - 102019
Nexit logo
Nexit can anticipate your route and show you road-trip-relevant restaurants, hotels, gas stations, shops, and attractions up ahead, grouped by exit.
BostonMA2 - 102019
AcuityMD logo
AcuityMD provides a platform for commercializing and improving medical devices with data. The platform brings clarity to the products used to treat patients, helping medical device companies expand access in their markets.
BostonMA10 - 1002019$38,000,000
Reach Platform logo
Reach is a development platform that enables developers to build blockchain applications.
BostonMA5 - 102019$12,000,000
Mango Sciences logo
Mango Sciences is an emerging market data science company that connects millions of underrepresented patients to precision medicine. Its Querent platform utilizes AI analytics to transform deep clinical data into key insights that drive global health impro
BostonMA20 - 502019$3,459,982
Katalyst logo
About Cloud OS for Restaurants & Hospitality. Point of Sale, Reservations, Table Management, Online Ordering, Gift Certificate & Loyalty, plus much more.
Las VegasNV10 - 502019$40,600,000
SaaSWorks logo
Working with small cohorts, our team of outcome-driven and experienced SaaS Founders, Investors, and Operators deliver both a personalized Customer Success assistant and a tailored Revenue Operations solution to support your Customer Success team. This com
BoulderCO1 - 102019
Aliro Technologies logo
Aliro Technologies is a startup that has built a platform for developers to code more easily for quantum environments
BostonMA20 - 502019$10,255,682
Qualifyd logo
A SaaS platform that targets the 1.2M small to medium companies that use a CRM or a marketing platform to track their lead funnel and that attend trade shows. We’re solving the top 3 pain points: 1) collecting quality lead data, 2) measuring ROI, and 3) bo
AustinTX1 - 102018
Worksense logo
Worksense provides people ops professionals with scalable and real-time analytics.
BostonMA5 - 102018
Vendr logo
Vendr is on a mission to bring fair pricing to SaaS. Vendr’s expert buyers work as an extension of finance and procurement teams to save time and money whenever software is purchased or renewed. Vendr offers a money-back guarantee that we will save our c
BostonMA200 - 5002018$216,000,000
Spark Insights logo
Spark Insights provides decision analytics to the insurance industry using AI.
BostonMA5 - 202018$3,200,000
Rilla logo
Rilla is an SaaS platform for entrepreneurial ecosystems and individual entrepreneurs. It is an environment where anyone who has an idea can be matched with the organizations, resources, tools and guidance that will help them make it come to life.
BostonMA2 - 102018
HYCU logo
HYCU, Inc. provides application focused data protection and monitoring software to support multi-cloud data centers. For the multi-cloud data center, it is all about keeping it simple. Your monitoring and data protection should be, too. HYCU, Inc., empowe
BostonMA200 - 5002018$140,500,000
DUST Identity logo
Dust Identity, Inc. provides diamond unclonable security tag. The Company offers the first-ever unclonable and uncompromisable security tracking solution for hardware authentication. Dust Identity, serves customers in the United States.
NewtonMA20 - 1002018$52,300,000
FootMetrics logo
FootMetrics offers Plug'n'Play in-store performance data with customer insights that are profitable using cloud and IoT. FootMetrics improves its clients' retail business performance by optimizing commercial and operational inefficiencies leading to increa
BostonMA5 - 102018$250,000
Tranquil Data logo
Tranquil is a computer software company that specializes in the fields of digital transformation, cloud, governance, context, and business policy. It enables compliance officers take control over their rules and requirements, and business roles can map dat
BostonMA5 - 102018$1,800,000
Gradient logo
Gradient exists to solve fundamental problems of trust and authenticity.
ScottsdaleAZ10 - 502018
Raveler logo
Raveler is an operation and productivity software for food businesses.
BostonMA2 - 102018
ConcertAI logo
ConcertAI is a developer of medical research tool suite intended to design and deliver care-based oncology research and data analytics. It is an integrated real-world data and AI-driven solutions to transform how insights are generated and accelerate thera
CambridgeMA1,000 - 5,0002018$300,000,000
Validity, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company designs and develops data integrity platform that enables assessment and toolset to correct data issues. Validity serves customers worldwide.
BostonMA200 - 1,0002018
Pulsify logo
Pulsify is a manager augmentation platform that helps managers empower virtual, high performing teams with engaged and happy employees. Pulsify’s manager augmentation platform is a cloud-based, always-there, team management coach. It is a personalized syst
BostonMA5 - 102018$1,100,000
Wabbi logo
Wabbi's Secure DevOps platform enables enterprises to deliver code faster and more securely. #SecDevOps #DevOps #DevSecOps #SoftwareDevelopment #AppSec #ApplicationSecurity
BostonMA5 - 202018$2,000,000
Millie logo
Millie is a workplace giving platform designed to make charitable giving fun, accessible and impactful. We’re big believers that change comes from everyone and we’re on a mission to empower businesses of all sizes to start and grow workplace giving program
BostonMA5 - 102018
Because Intelligence logo
About Because: \'About Us\' Banners The Problem 88% of consumers today want to buy from brands that can help them make a difference. Stop hiding your awesome mission on the back of your site somewhere. What is Because? Because helps you add \'About Us\'
PittsburghPA2 - 102018
3 Point LLC logo
At 3 Point we specialize in assisting B2B software companies facing the operational challenges that come with rapid growth. We have the practical experience and knowledge to help build, transform and fine tune a customer on-boarding model that will scale w
BostonMA5 - 102018
Pyxai logo
Pyxai is a software company that creates HR software that screens and ranks job applicants for qualifications, soft skills, and culture fit using information not available on applicant resumes. By screening all applicants, Pyxai helps companies eliminate
BostonMA5 - 102018$150,000
Dexai Robotics logo
Dexai automates activities in commercial kitchens and the food industry more broadly. The company specializes in the fields of robotics, machine vision, machine learning, AI, food service, automation, and restaurant equipment. Dexai was founded in 2018 and
SomervilleMA10 - 502018$5,500,000
Laudio logo
Laudio is a SaaS company providing Intelligent Human Engagement - a real-time personalized management platform for healthcare leaders. With algorithms derived from the analysis of the largest healthcare human resource dataset of its kind, Laudio has uncove
BostonMA20 - 1002018$22,050,000
ProdPerfect logo
ProdPerfect is a platform that uses live traffic to automatically build, run, and maintain QA testing for web applications.
San FranciscoCA20 - 502018$20,450,000
JobGet logo
JobGet is the social platform for jobs. It is the fastest job platform for anyone looking for a job in the retail and hospitality industry, reducing the timeline from weeks to minutes. Consistently a Top 10 rated app in the iOs and Android play store helpi
BostonMA100 - 5002018$42,350,000
Forgeant logo
Cloud-based platform to perfectly craft your employee's workplace experience
BostonMA10 - 502018
Stavvy logo
Stavvy is a modern lending experience designed to connect lenders with their title, settlement, and appraisal vendors. The Stavvy Connect is a fully-integrated, digital mortgage vendor platform that allows mortgage banking professionals to seamlessly and s
BostonMA100 - 5002018$53,000,000
Oort logo
We're building a next-generation global security fabric to connect and secure the digital ecosystem on which enterprise businesses depend. Join us in helping solve complex systems problems at the intersection of cloud, networking, security, and distributed
BostonMA20 - 1002018$15,000,000
Tuono logo
Tuono is a public cloud management platform that automates public cloud infrastructure with less code, less time,​ and less complexity. They also deliver operational velocity and multi-cloud flexibility with 50-80% less code and dramatically less complexit
BostonMA5 - 202018$4,072,499
All On Block Corporation logo
All On Block Corporation is a Palo Alto-based company making blockchain real for businesses. We have a suite of software products leveraging blockchain to transform your business and disrupt your industry. With blockchain, you can transact more smoothly
Palo AltoCA100 - 5002018
GRAX logo
Founded in 2018, GRAX is the new way that businesses preserve, recover and act on their data. Replacing traditional backup and archive tools that miss 99% of all historical changes and store sensitive data in third-party clouds, GRAX captures an irrefutabl
BostonMA50 - 2002018$12,800,000
Tausight logo
Tausight’s mission is to solve one of the most challenging responsibilities of healthcare CIOs, CISOs, and their IT organizations: ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of patients’ PHI. Please visit us at and follow us
BostonMA20 - 502018$26,000,000
Entracer logo
Entracer is an AI-driven platform for businesses to attract, engage and retain customers, to foster customer success-driven growth.
BostonMA5 - 102018
Corvus Insurance logo
Corvus Insurance Agency, LLC provides software solutions. The Company offers insurance software application for commercial insurance brokers and buyers. Corvus Insurance Agency serves customers in the State of Massachusetts.
BostonMA200 - 5002017$160,800,032
HqO logo
HqOS is a centralized platform for property teams to manage all customer-facing technology tools within their buildings. By activating real connections between people and their properties, HqOS enables data-driven decision making, delivers exceptional ten
BostonMA200 - 5002017$156,850,000
Snoop, INC logo
Snoop is a platform that allows salespeople to post ratings and reviews on prospects and customers based on their previous sales interactions. These reviews are then searchable to learn insights on current prospects during live sales opportunities.
BostonMA2 - 102017
Wasabi Technologies, Inc provides software solutions. The Company offers cloud based storage solutions which protects data against accidents, hackers, snoops, sabotage, and buggy applications. Wasabi Technologies serves customers in the State of Massachuse
BostonMA200 - 5002017$549,136,640
1upHealth Inc logo
1UpHealth, Inc. designs and develops software. The Company offers patients, providers, and developers aggregate and share health data including information from EHRs through an API. 1UpHealth serves clients in the United States.
BostonMA100 - 5002017$75,480,000
PharmaCCX logo
PharmaCCX, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company offers platform that catalyzes pricing and procurement of medicine by healthcare payers and accelerates patient access to the medicines available for their diseases.. PharmaCCX serves customers in th
BostonMA20 - 502017$3,000,000
Floatspec logo
Floatspec is changing the way public companies and their shareholders interact. Our mobile-friendly SaaS platform gives corporations scalable, data-backed insights to facilitate investor dialogue. Users can derive quick answers to complex questions about i
BostonMA1 - 102017
Mission logo
We are Mission. An AWS Premier Consulting Partner and Managed Cloud Services provider with deep know-how in launching and harnessing the power of the cloud. We passionately believe that cloud technology is the greatest business transformation tool. Not o
Los AngelesCA200 - 5002017
Edmit logo
Edmit, Inc. operates as a software development company. The Company focuses on college admissions and financial aid process. Edmit also offers price and value transparency about colleges. Edmit serves students in the State of Massachusetts.
BostonMA10 - 502017$2,300,000
Blueday Inc logo
Blueday, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company offers SaaS-based store revenue management system that enables store managers to link corporate growth strategies to individualized, as well as measurable actions to maximize sales in every store. Blue
BostonMA10 - 502017$6,000,000
Hi Marley logo
Hi Marley is the intelligent communication platform for the insurance industry. Built by people who know and love insurance, the platform enables hassle-free texting across the entire ecosystem, empowering insurance professionals and delighting policyholde
BostonMA100 - 2002017$41,700,000
Fairmarkit logo
FairMarkIt, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company offers a platform that processes and manages customers data. FairMarkIt serves clients in the State of Massachusetts.
BostonMA100 - 2002017$77,488,960
Talent Rewire logo
Talent Rewire is a network of employers and workforce providers who are creating lasting change for front line and low-income employees by demonstrating the business value of rewiring talent practices and policies to meet changing demographics and improve
SeattleWA5 - 102017
PinOn logo
At PinOn, our mission is to \'build smart restaurants\'​. Currently PinOn creates smart menus for restaurants with a powerful AI-powered back-end system and a data visualization system. With PinOn application, customers can view menus on their smart phones
New YorkNY5 - 102017
CultureHQ logo
About We exist to establish workplace community. When employees feel connected to their company and one another, they are happier, more engaged, and stay longer. CultureHQ was founded on the principle that a strong workplace community is at the foundation
BostonMA5 - 202017
True-Tickets logo
We provide a secure contactless digital ticketing delivery experience that’s both scalable and secure while integrating with existing ticketing platforms and CRM’s—Making buying, selling, and transferring entertainment tickets simple and safe. We are a cli
BostonMA20 - 502017$5,775,000
BotChain logo
BotChain enables universal registration, identity validation, audit, and coordination of A.I. agents and autonomous software. The BotChain was created by the team at Talla. After more than two years of building intelligent, AI-driven bots for the enterpris
BostonMA10 - 502017$5,000,000
Herron Tech logo
A new platform is now available to solve your IT plumbing pain and help you achieve durable digital transformation. Are you struggling in growing and modernizing your IT infrastructure to accelerate time-to-market? Do you have subsidiaries, departments,
BostonMA5 - 202017
ZOE logo
ZOE is a nutritional science company on a mission to help everybody eat with confidence. Leading the world’s largest scientific study of nutritional response.ZOE have a right to better understand our bodies, so we can make more confident decisions about fo
Siloam SpringsAR100 - 5002017
Reverie Labs logo
Reverie Labs (YC W18) is building a pharma company from scratch, using computation. Reverie Labs accelerates preclinical drug development by applying machine learning to lead generation & optimization.
CambridgeMA20 - 502017$25,000,000
AuditRun logo
AuditRun is a SaaS platform for Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) decision makers. We help businesses get their house in order with confidence. Showing the world that your business is compliant with privacy and security regulations doesn't have to be
BostonMA1 - 102017 logo is an invite only community for today's leading creators.
BostonMA20 - 502017$5,516,442
Velocity b logo
Velocity b is a Software Development firm located in Boston. We were founded by software engineers with a passion for applying technology to solve unique business challenges. Velocity b focuses on two offerings - Technology Leadership and Product Develo
BostonMA10 - 502017
Plannuh Inc logo
Plannuh is a cloud-based system for building, managing, and sharing your marketing plans, budgets, and goals. Individuals and teams can use Plannuh to organize their budgets into campaigns and programs, track their spending, align their efforts to goals, a
BostonMA20 - 502017$8,100,000
Parlor logo
The feedback lifecycle is broken. Today, teams bury feedback across tools, argue over priority, and manually follow up with users (if at all). Parlor fixes this. All of it. Parlor is a Feedback Management System designed to optimize the entire feedback li
BostonMA10 - 502017$8,700,000
Lightmatter logo
Lightmatter, Inc. operates as a computer hardware company. The Company provides hardware solutions to create computing platform purpose-built for artificial intelligence. Lightmatter serves clients in the United States.
BostonMA100 - 5002017$422,000,000
Merlin Labs logo
Merlin Labs is building the autonomous infrastructure for the sky above us, enabling goods, and eventually people, to fly without pilots.
BostonMA100 - 5002017$133,500,000
SparkCo, Inc. logo is a sales service platform offered to upcoming businesses to grow their revenues, build customers trust, and provide them with the help they need to become a successful company.
BostonMA1 - 102017
Modeshift logo
Modeshift, Inc. is a Boston-based technology company with the mission to enable small and middle size transit agencies to provide intelligent transportation services. Our core product is Account-based Fare Collection hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud and
BostonMA20 - 1002017$3,800,000
Coin Metrics logo
Coin Metrics is an all-in-one crypto financial data provider for institutions. We deliver transparent and actionable data and analytics to industry stakeholders including crypto and traditional funds, asset managers, research desks, exchanges, and global i
BostonMA100 - 2002017$66,100,000
Jellyfish logo
Jellyfish is the leading Engineering Management Platform, providing complete visibility into engineering organizations, the work they do, and how they operate. By analyzing engineering signals and contextual business data, Jellyfish enables engineering lea
BostonMA100 - 5002017$114,500,000
iSubscribed logo
iSubscribed is building a next-generation SaaS platform to address many of the pain points faced by consumers and SMBs today. iSubscribed is building a next-generation SaaS platform to address many of the pain points faced by consumers and SMBs today. We w
BostonMA500 - 1,0002017$534,750,016
OrganizeTogether logo
OrganizeTogether is a team of activists and programmers building an online platform to channel the collective power of grassroots communities. We do this by connecting groups and individuals with common goals and by providing tools that make collaboration
BostonMA1 - 102017
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