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75 Top Artificial Intelligence Companies and Startups in 2021

Updated on August 15, 2023

A look at the Largest Artificial Intelligence Companies in the United States and AI startups that have raised the highest Series A and Seed financing rounds since beginning of 2020.

75 Top Artificial Intelligence Companies and Startups in 2021

At Employbl we've harvested data on ten thousand tech companies and counting, primarily through the Diffbot Knowledge Graph. A Knowledge Graph is a connected network of facts. Diffbot has harvested trillions of facts to provide information on organizations, people, the news and more. We've used their knowledge graph to, among other things, identify companies operating in the Artificial Intelligence industry.

Categorizing a company's industry isn't always easy. For better or worse there there is no formal taxonomy for company industries but we're able to look up company's Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) and North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes used by the federal government to classify companies. The result is over 1,600 companies working in the Artificial Intelligence space. I hope this list is helpful for job seekers, policy professionals and anyone els
e interested in learning more about the tech and artificial intelligence industries.

In this blog post I'll present some of the standout companies, the ones that have raised the most money, have the most money as well as some of the up and comers, companies founded recently, ones that have raised money recently and others.

Without further ado, let's dig into the data about today's AI tech companies and startups!

πŸ€– 24 Largest Artificial Intelligence Companies

I used the filters on Employbl to filter for Artificial Intelligence companies that have raised the most money and have the most employees. Ten of them have raised over a billion dollars from investors! This list contains a mix of public and private companies and doesn't include money raised from public markets. A public company is one that anyone can buy a piece of and has gone public in some big event like an Initial Public Offering (IPO) or more recently SPAC or other newfangled inventions to get to the public market. If you're interested in segmenting out the data further login to the Employbl dashboard and test our filters out. The data below is just a taste ;)

Company Name Description Amount Raised Year Founded Headquarters Location Estimated # of Employees
Nvidia NVIDIA Corporation designs, develops, and markets three dimensional (3D) graphics processors and related software. $4.024 billion 1993 Santa Clara, CA 8,439
Google Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products. $36 million 1998 Mountain View, CA 84,330
Argo AI Argo AI is an autonomous driving technology company. $3.6 billion 2016 Pittsburgh, PA 447
Magic Leap Magic Leap, Inc. is an American startup company that released a head-mounted virtual retinal display. $2.978 billion 2010 Plantation, FL 869
UiPath UiPath is a global software company for robotic process automation (RPA). $1.992 billion 2005 New York, NY 1,487
Indigo Indigo Agriculture, Inc. develops microbial and digital technologies. $1.168 billion 2013 Boston, MA 1,582
[24] [24] is a customer experience software and services company that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand consumer intent. $22 million 2000 San Jose, CA 1,285
SambaNova SambaNova Systems, Inc. provides software solutions. $1.141 billion 2017 Palo Alto, CA 73 is an autonomous vehicle technology company co-located in Silicon Valley, Beijing and Guangzhou. $1.092 billion 2016 Fremont, CA 189
Automation Anywhere Automation Anywhere's business includes the wholesale distribution of computers, computer peripheral equipment, and computer software. $849 million 2003 San Jose, CA 1,178
Tempus Labs Tempus Labs, Inc. operates as a clinical laboratory. $1.07 billion 2015 Chicago, IL 729
Dataminr Dataminr's clients are the first to know about critical events and breaking information. $1.052 billion 2009 New York, NY 432
DataRobot DataRobot, Inc. provides Internet based services. $1 billion 2012 Boston, MA 742
Fractal Fractal Analytics is a multinational artificial intelligence company that provides services in consumer packaged goods, insurance, healthcare, life sciences, retail and technology, and the financial sector. $325 million 2000 New York, NY 909
Welocalize Welocalize provides technology solutions. $34 million 1997 Frederick, MD 858
Afiniti Afiniti is the world’s leading applied artificial intelligence and advanced analytics provider. $197 million 2006 Washington, D.C. 2006
C3 C3 is a leading software provider for rapidly developing, deploying, and operating AI, predictive analytics, and IoT applications. $228 million 2009 Redwood City, CA 707
Zymergen Zymergen is unlocking new sources of molecular diversity, which enables us to make new products to meet industry’s greatest needs $874 million 2013 Emeryville, CA 342
Olive Olive deploys the AI workforce built specifically for healthcare. $856 million 2012 Columbus, OH 276
Insitro Insitro is an operator of a data-driven drug discovery and development company. $743 million 2018 South San Francisco, CA 84
Lendbuzz Lendbuzz uses Big Data analytics to significantly improve access to credit for international students and professionals living in the US. $696,200,000 2015 Boston, MA 24
Anduril Industries Anduril Industries, Inc. provides security solutions. $691 million 2017 Irvine, CA 154
You & Mr Jones You & Mr Jones is the world's first Brandtech group. Building brands better, faster and cheaper, using technology. $610 million 2015 New York, NY 21
Scale AI Scale accelerates the development of AI applications by helping machine learning teams generate high-quality ground truth data. $602 million 2016 San Francisco, CA 211

Noticeably absent from this list of the largest AI companies are the FAATMAN companies (besides Google). All of these companies unquestionably use AI to monitor their customers, suppliers and partners as well as to build their products. With the exception of Google we don't categorize these companies as being in the "AI industry". I do believe they deserve some coverage in this post though so I'll leave this here, courtesy of Chartr, CB Insights and Koyfin:

Faatman Big Tech Graph

πŸš€ 51 Up and Coming Artificial Intelligence Startups

Now that we've looked at the largest Artificial Intelligence companies in the US market today, we'll look at up and coming AI startups. These companies are often founded within the past few years and have fewer than one hundred employees. There's no agreed upon definition of what constitutes a startup, but these companies are on that rocket ship startup growth trajectory or crash and burn that you hear about in the movies and popular culture. In order for Venture Capital (VC) investors to make a return to their Limited Partners (LPs) there needs to be some massive growth and returns on some of these companies. These returns for investors (and employees to some extent) result from larger successive fundraising rounds, which breed "liquidation events" for shareholders. When VCs invest in startups they get preferred shares which are often more valuable or at least more liquid that shares owned by the founder or employees. At these liquidation events, the biggest of which is an IPO -- taking the company to the public market, investors hope for that 10X return that will pay for the rest of the investments they made in companies that didn't pan out and then some. Many of these companies will not pan out but some are going to be huge.

If you're interested in learning more about the models and economics of venture capital I suggest this PG post on Black Swan Investing from 2012. If you're really interested in the financing side of startups The Holloway Guide to Venture Capital Investing is a good start, as is listening to All-In Podcast.

The two most important things to understand about startup investing, as a business, are (1) that effectively all the returns are concentrated in a few big winners, and (2) that the best ideas look initially like bad ideas.)

  • Paul Graham, 2012

With theose disclaimers about early stage startups aside here's the list:

Company Name Year Founded Headquarters Location Estimated # of Employees Funding Round Funding Amount Funding Date
Anthropic 2021 San Anselmo, CA 2 Series A $124 million 2021-05-27
Dyno Therapeutics 2018 Cambridge, MA 75 Series A $100 million 2021-05-05
Climavision 2020 Louisville, KY 7 Series A $100 million 2021-06-01
Truveta 2020 Seattle, WA 24 Series A $95 million 2021-07-12
Immunai 2018 New York, NY 66 Series A $60 million 2021-02-10
Dexterity 2017 Redwood City, CA 44 Series A $56,200,000 2020-07-21
NVoq Inc 2000 Boulder, CO 27 Series A $55,800,000 2020-10-28
Touchcast 2010 New York, NY 48 Series A $55 million 2021-02-02
Firework 2017 Redwood City, CA 80 Series A $55 million 2021-03-23
Entos 2019 Los Angeles, CA 9 Series A $53 million 2021-07-13
Genesis Therapeutics 2019 South San Francisco, CA 12 Series A $52 million 2020-12-01
Enveda Biosciences 2019 San Francisco, CA 6 Series A $51 million 2021-06-21
EdgeQ 2018 Santa Clara, CA 11 Series A $51 million 2020-11-16
Nimble Robotics 2017 San Francisco, CA 24 Series A $50 million 2021-03-10
Metropolis 2017 Los Angeles, CA 17 Series A $41 million 2021-01-18 2019 Seattle, WA 27 Seed $40 million 2021-03-08
Oqton 2017 San Francisco, CA 35 Series A $40 million 2021-01-14
Nate 2018 New York, NY 53 Series A $38 million 2021-06-16
Coco Robotics 2019 Santa Monica, CA 4 Series A $36 million 2021-08-24
Tribal Credit 2016 San Francisco, CA 38 Series A $34,300,000 2021-04-20
InfinStor 2020 San Jose, CA 6 Seed $33,333,332 2020-08-31
Bear Robotics. 2017 Redwood City, CA 31 Series A $32 million 2020-01-21
Realtime Robotics Inc 2016 Boston, MA 31 Series A $31,400,000 2021-06-02
LiveControl 2019 Santa Monica, CA 10 Series A $30 million 2021-07-20
RED 6 2018 Santa Monica, CA 33 Series A $30 million 2021-05-31
Heru 2018 Miami, FL 1 Series A $30 million 2021-05-19
Iterative Scopes 2017 Cambridge, MA 18 Series A $30 million 2021-08-02
Torch Research LLC 2017 Leawood, KS 9 Series A $30 million 2021-03-16
DNSFilter 2015 Washington, D.C. 22 Series A $30 million 2021-07-20
Brightseed 2017 San Francisco, CA 27 Series A $27 million 2020-09-14
AXON Networks 2021 Irvine, CA 1 Series A $27 million 2021-04-12
Replicant 2017 San Francisco, CA 35 Series A $27 million 2020-09-09
Gather 2020 San Bruno, CA 12 Series A $26 million 2021-03-10
Ellipsis Health 2017 San Francisco, CA 26 Series A $26 million 2021-06-14
Lightelligence 2017 Boston, MA 16 Series A $26 million 2020-04-06
SetSail 2018 San Mateo, CA 36 Series A $26 million 2021-01-25
Deep North Inc 2016 Foster City, CA 63 Series A $25,700,000 2020-03-11
TerraClear Inc 2017 Bellevue, WA 19 Series A $25 million 2021-05-25
Gatik 2017 Palo Alto, CA 13 Series A $25 million 2020-11-22
Reverie Labs 2017 Boston, MA 11 Series A $25 million 2021-02-02
Orum 2018 San Francisco, CA 17 Series A $25 million 2021-07-26
Remesh 2014 New York, NY 122 Series A $25 million 2020-03-11
Bryte 2016 Los Altos, CA 30 Series A $24,486,816 2021-01-12
Lunchclub 2018 San Francisco, CA 14 Series A $24,200,000 2020-08-31
Electric Hydrogen Co. 2020 Natick, MA 3 Series A $24 million 2021-06-22
Julia Computing 2015 Cambridge, MA 32 Series A $24 million 2021-07-18
Tonkean 2016 San Francisco, CA 15 Series A $24 million 2020-04-07
Insurify 2013 Cambridge, MA 24 Series A $23 million 2020-01-14
Riskpulse 2007 Austin, TX 12 Series A $22,700,000 2020-01-08 2019 Salt Lake City, UT 17 Series A $22,600,000 2021-03-14
Phantom AI 2016 Burlingame, CA 14 Series A $22 million 2020-04-01

That's all for now

In this post we looked at the largest AI companies by eployee count and amount of money raised from financiers. We didn't look at any companies that were acquired and included some notes about the FAATMAN companies that debatably could additionally be categorized as "AI companies". Then we looked at new AI startups based on Series A and Seed rounds raised for US based companies since January 1, 2020. A total of 430 unique AI startups have raised either Series A or Seed rounds since the beginning of 2020. We highlighted the 51 here that have raised the most money. Going forward, I'd definitely like to explore some trends further about funding totals, locations of the companies being funded and some more overall reporting about the industry.

All of these AI companies are available to explore through the Employbl dashboard. We'll be adding more features soon like ability to filter by funding round and mapping out the companies and pulling their job listings. Today it's free to sign up with your social account :)

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