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Julia Computing

Julia Computing was founded by the creators of the Julia language. We help our customers solve complex and challenging computational problems that run on thousands of processors in the cloud or on matchbox sized systems in ones pocket. We operate out of Boston, New York, and Bangalore. Julia is a new programming language that combines the productivity of languages like R, Python, or Matlab with the performance of C and Fortran. Julia provides a sophisticated compiler, distributed parallel execution, numerical accuracy, and an extensive library of fast mathematical functions. It is being used by a number of universities for teaching and research, and by businesses in areas as diverse as engineering, finance, and e-commerce, to name a few.

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Between 20 - 100 employees



Headquarters Location

Cambridge, MA






Viral B. Shah, Deepak Vinchhi, Alan Edelman

Funding Rounds


July 2021


January 2020


June 2017

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