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MST is a high impact, SaaS solution addressing a well known, high demand need for college students. It is a paid for service; not advertisement based. This high demand market has a TAM of $8B, and is currently not being addressed. A recent trial was very successful, with over 400 registrants in 3 weeks with little marketing. We are looking for funding to finalize the software. Problem… · MoreEvery year, |60% of US first-year college students, despite being accepted to college, are not ready for postsecondary studies. This huge readiness gap is costly to students, families, institutions, and taxpayersSolutionMST bridges the gap between with a unique, web-based tool for students to complete assignmentsA recent trial generated |400 signups in approx. 3 weeks.Opportunity • 14.7 million US undergraduate students• $8B TAM• High margin business modelWe are keeping in-depth details 'stealth' for now...if you are interested, please contact for more information

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Between 1 - 100 employees



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Los Angeles, CA




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