Find Tech Companies by Industry, Tech Stack and Investment Stage

Updated on August 15, 2023

In this post we'll show how to use Employbl's new advanced company search to find startups and tech companies headquartered in the United States.

Find Tech Companies by Industry, Tech Stack and Investment Stage

Recently we rebuilt and relaunched our advanced tech company search to allow anyone to search through our database of over 13,000 tech companies and startups. We've mostly focused on collecting data about software companies headquartered in the United States. For many of them we've harvested funding rounds, founder information, Venture Capital firms that have invested, tech stack information and even current open job listings. In this tutorial we'll showcase how to use our new and improved company search to find your next job opportunity!

TL;DR - start discovering new tech companies and startups here

Find Companies Near Me

If you live in the United States you can use Employbl to discover tech companies and startups that are headquartered near you. Head to the companies page and click the map icon or head directly to the companies map.

Find Companies by Lodogion Map View

Once on the companies search map you'll be able to move the map around and see companies in that area. Zoom in to your neighborhood to see all the tech companies and startups that are nearby. For example, this is a map of the tech companies and startups in the Los Angeles area.

Companies Map

Have fun exploring the map to find tech companies and startups in your chosen American city!

Find Companies by the Venture Capital firms that have invested in them

We've previously shared how to find startups by the VC firm that has invested but in the new layout the design is a little different. For desktop view, filters will be present on the right hand side of the screen. If you're on a phone click "Additional Filters" to expand the filters options. Once you've located the filters select a Venture Capital Firm for that option. In the below image you'll see we're filtering to only see First Round Capital portfolio companies.

Venture Capital Portfolio Companies

You can use this search to narrow down companies to target for your job search. Venture Capital firms evaluate thousands of different startups and meet with hundred of founders every year. Having "top tier" VC firms can give you as a job seeker a strong signal about a company's future prospects and viability.

Find Companies by Custom Company Collection

In the process of building Employbl we've created many custom company collections. Company collections are curated lists of tech companies and startups that share a certain criteria. For instance, in the below search we're using the "Company Collections" filter to find companies that are founded entirely by women with the All Women Founders company collection. There are also custom company collections for companies that have at least one woman on the founding team, web3 companies, recruiting agencies and more. To see all available company collections head to that page.

Here's the list view for viewing companies with all women founders:

Women Founded Companies
What's extra cool and we're proud of is you can combine filters. After applying a company collection filter, head on over to the "map view" and your filter selection will be preserved. So, for example, here's a search for companies founded by women that are headquartered in the Bay Area:

Women Founded Companies Bay Area

You can click on a company to view information about the company, job openings, funding rounds and information about the founder(s) of that tech company or startup.

Find Companies by Industry

Hopefully you're getting the gist now about how to use and apply filters on Employbl company search. The industry filters come from Diffbot's impressive knowledge graph where companies are categorized by NAICS code. Using these prebuilt industry lists you can narrow your search for specific company types. At Employbl we primarily focus on harvesting data on tech and software companies, but given that "software is eating the world" software companies compete in many different fields and fill different verticals. These are some of the industry filters you can use to narrow down your job search:

Find companies by the tech stack they use

This one is super exciting and functionality we're actively working on. Employbl is one of the only sites on the internet where you can look companies up by the server side technology they use. We do this by scanning active job listings and will begin to rely on company generated data soon. The idea for this emerged when I was unemployed and looking for a job at a company that used the Laravel PHP framework but that information was hard to find.

Today you can easily search and find companies that use your tech stack of choice:

Companies That Use Laravel

The above search shows tech companies that use Laravel to build their products. You can use this to target your job search by a specific technology.

Find companies by investment stage

Startups that raise money from angel investors and Venture Capital firms go through somewhat predictable fundraising steps. Companies generally raise a Pre Seed or Seed round of a couple hundred thousand or a few million, then a larger Series A round followed by larger and larger B, C and even D rounds. Some companies that want to avoid an IPO or going to public markets raise successive letter rounds of private financing. After each round of funding the company changes and expectations from investors change too. A small seed stage startup has very different culture and expectations than a series b or series c company. Using Employbl you can discover companies by the funding stage that they are at. Check out these lists to find companies at a given funding round stage or use the company search dashboard to see all results :)

... and so on.

Additional company search filters

In addition to the above search filters you can select to only show companies that have active job listings on Employbl. You can filter to show only public companies that are traded on the U.S. stock exchange or see only private companies that have not yet filed for IPO.

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