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103 Tech Companies and Startups Headquartered in San Diego

Updated on August 15, 2023

This post showcases tech companies and startups that are headquartered in San Diego. We show total investment amount, founded year, latest funding round and a description about each company.

103 Tech Companies and Startups Headquartered in San Diego

San Diego has sunny weather, a large military presence, great Mexican food, plenty of breweries, fabulous beaches and a thriving tech scene. Most of the posts out there of "top tech companies in San Diego" don't do the sector justice so we're here to change that. Using data we at Employbl have harvested from the public web we're going to showcase one hundred and three tech companies and startups that are headquartered out of San Diego. This list won't show any companies that have satellite offices in San Diego, we're only looking at headquarters location. In the list we'll have the company name with a link to view more about them, the founded year, the latest funding investment round, total investment amount and a short description about the company. There are about 40 more companies in our database that are headquartered in San Diego but we've determined they haven't raised Venture Capital and the list is pretty long already so we decided not to include them. You can find the full list of San Diego tech companies by logging in and navigating to the companies search. To learn more about an individual company click on their profile to see jobs the company is hiring for, Venture Capital and Private Equity firms that have invested in the business, historical funding rounds and information about the founders.

Without further ado here's the list of San Diego tech companies and startups, sorted by the total amount of money each company has raised from investors. We're including publicly traded companies on this list.

Company Name HQ City Year Founded Latest Investment Round Total Investment Amount Company Description
Mirati Therapeutics San Diego 2013 Post Ipo Equity $2,005,600,000 Targeting the genetic and immunological drivers of cancer.
Fate Therapeutics San Diego 2007 Post Ipo Equity $1,212,228,352 Guiding Cells to Improve Lives
Maravai LifeSciences San Diego 2014 Post Ipo Equity $1,000,000,000 Enabling the miracles of science.
Cue Health San Diego 2010 Private Equity $899,603,328 Cue Health is a health technology company that develops professional and consumer connected medical diagnostics.
ACADIA Pharmaceuticals San Diego 1993 Post Ipo Equity $811,734,976 Acadia is trailblazing breakthroughs in neuroscience to elevate life.
Kura Oncology San Diego 2014 Post Ipo Equity $791,425,472 Kura Oncology, Inc. operates as a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company. The Company focuses on discovery and development of personalized therapeutics for the treatment of tumors and blood cancers. Kura Oncology offers development programs for cancers with high unmet need, including lung, colorectal, thyroid, blood, and pancreatic cancers.
Gossamer Bio San Diego 2015 Post Ipo Equity $600,000,000 Gossamer Bio is a San Diego-based company focused on the discovery and development of novel and differentiated therapeutic products, to address high unmet needs amongst various targeted patient populations. Founded by the former Receptos executive team, Gossamer Bio’s strategy will be to leverage an asset-rich in-licensing environment, with a focus on areas of high unmet need, utilizing a team with a strong track record of execution in immunology, inflammation, fibrosis and oncology.
ClickUp San Diego 2016 Series C $537,500,032 A fundamentally new way to work.
Shield AI San Diego 2015 Series E $513,144,992 Shield AI, Inc. operates as an artificial intelligence robotics company. The Company protects service members and innocent civilians with artificially intelligent systems which enables robots to see, reason about, and search the world. Shield AI serves customers worldwide.
Evofem Biosciences San Diego 2009 Post Ipo Equity $470,800,000 Developing and commercializing products that address unmet needs in women’s sexual and reproductive health.
Element Biosciences San Diego 2017 Series C $401,000,000 Element Biosciences is a multi-disciplinary startup focused on innovating genetic analysis tools for the research and diagnostic markets. The Company's technology broadens the end-user experience through improved data quality and simplified workflows to benefit discoveries and diagnosis in healthcare.
Arcturus Therapeutics San Diego 2013 Post Ipo Equity $302,380,064 Clinical-stage messenger RNA medicines company
Erasca San Diego 2018 Series B $300,000,000 Our mission at Erasca is embedded in our name: To erase cancer.
Wiliot San Diego 2017 Series C $269,000,000 Wiliot Inc. designs and manufactures semiconductors. The Company offers semiconductors for moisture sensing, step counting, inventory control, navigation, wiring replacement, access cards, and consumer electronics. Wiliot serves customers worldwide.
Sorrento Therapeutics San Diego 2006 Post Ipo Equity $264,418,496 Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company. The Company researches human therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of cancer, inflammation, metabolic, and infectious diseases.
Tealium San Diego 2008 Series G $263,900,000 Tealium is a US headquartered American company founded in 2008 in San Diego, California that sells enterprise tag management, an API hub, a customer data platform with machine learning, and data management products.
BioAtla San Diego 2007 Post Ipo Equity $261,500,000 BioAtla LLC is a biological service company. The Company specializes in next generation protein and antibody engineering for the pharmaceutical industry. BioAtla is an organization with operations in both the US and China.
RayzeBio San Diego 2020 Series C $258,000,000 Targeted innovative radiopharmaceuticals for cancer
Cloudbeds San Diego 2012 Series D $248,440,000 More Reservations. Happier Guests.
Applied Data Finance San Diego 2014 Series Unknown $239,300,000 Applied Data Finance, LLC operates as a financial services firm. The Company offers loans and financing solutions to consumers. Applied Data Finance serves customers worldwide.
Neurelis San Diego 2007 Series D $206,081,952 Neurelis Inc., is a pharmaceutical company. The Company develops and commercializes product candidates for the treatment of central nervous system disorders, acute epilepsy, and anxiety episodes.
Platform Science San Diego 2015 Series C $197,700,000 Making it easy for enterprise trucking fleets to develop, deploy, and manage mobile devices and applications.
NetraDyne San Diego 2015 Series C $197,520,544 The Power of Vision: Transforming Road Safety. Every Second of Every Day.
Kandji San Diego 2018 Series C $188,375,008 Next-generation Apple device management for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS.
Plexium San Diego 2017 Series B $165,000,000 Plexium is a drug development startup that leverages techniques from various physical science and computational disciplines. The company develops ‘molecular glues’ that alter E3-ligase substrate recognition; inducing, inhibiting, or modulating degradation of proteins for therapeutic benefit. It utilizes DNA-encoded libraries to search for molecular-glue degraders in high throughput cell-based assays. Plexium was founded in 2017 and is based in San Diego, California.
Brain Corp San Diego 2009 Series D $161,000,000 Brain Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1973. The company's line of business includes providing computer programming services.
Wildcat Discovery Technologies San Diego 2006 Series D $160,000,000 Wildcat Discovery Technologies Inc. provides research and development services. The Company focuses on the discovery of advanced materials for clean energy technology applications. Wildcat Discovery Technologies serves the alternative energy sector in the United States.
Locana San Diego 2016 Series B $155,550,000 Creating RNA-targeting gene therapies to treat devastating diseases
Genalyte San Diego 2007 Series Unknown $141,800,000 Move data. Not blood.
Avidity Biosciences San Diego 2013 Series C $140,067,856 At Avidity, we are developing a new class of oligonucleotide-based therapies.
Truvian Sciences San Diego 2015 Series C $134,100,000 Truvian disrupts the blood-testing industry by developing an automated, benchtop diagnostic system to provide lab-accurate results. The blood-testing system combines chemistry, immunoassays, and hematology assays in one device. With its 20-minute, single-run wellness panel that requires only several drops of blood, the company aims to cover about 40 commonly ordered diagnostic tests, including a lipid panel, metabolic panel, and complete blood cell count.
Drata San Diego 2020 Series B $128,240,856 Drata is an advanced security and compliance automation platform with the mission to help companies earn and keep the trust of their users, customers, partners, and prospects. Drata helps companies streamline their SOC 2 compliance through continuous, automated control monitoring and evidence collection, resulting in lower costs and time spent preparing for annual audits.
Founders First Capital Partners San Diego 2015 Series A $120,000,000 Helping companies grow and scale through strategic advisory and revenue-based investment.
Escient Pharmaceuticals San Diego 2018 Series B $117,500,000 Escient Pharmaceuticals, Inc. operates as a pharmaceutical company. The Company focuses on developing drugs for a wide range to address serious and unserved medical needs across a broad range of therapeutic indications. Escient Pharmaceuticals serves customers in the State of California.
Kneron San Diego 2015 Series B $115,000,000 Kneron, Inc. provides artificial intelligence solutions. The Company desings and develops integrated software and hardware edge AI solutions for smart home and surveillance, phone, robot, drone, and IoT devices, as well as offers emotion and behavior recognition solutions. Kneron serves customers in the United States.
Neomorph San Diego 2020 Series A $109,000,000 Advancing the science of targeted protein degradation to destroy ‘undruggable’ proteins and cure disease.
Insightful Science San Diego 2017 Seed $100,000,000 Insightful Science is a software company with purpose-built data analysis and bioinformatics applications for life sciences. The company portfolio serves a diverse set of 1 million scientists in academic, corporate, and government institutions around the world.
Zebit San Diego 2015 Debt Financing $90,115,280 Publicly Traded Company on ASX
BlueNalu San Diego 2017 Convertible Note $84,750,000 Cellular aquaculture company, satisfying the global appetite for seafood in a fresh, sustainable & humane way.
Measurabl San Diego 2013 Series C $79,610,000 Measurabl Inc. designs and develops software solutions. The Company specializes in sustainability reporting, benchmarking, CDP, GRI, and data import. Measurabl serves customers in the United States.
Cordial San Diego 2014 Series C $73,550,000 Use real-time data to deliver personal, relevant, and emotionally intelligent messages.
BlossomHill Therapeutics San Diego 2020 Series A $71,000,000 BlossomHill Therapeutics, Inc. is a small molecule drug discovery and development company focused on unmet medical needs in oncology and autoimmune disorders.
Alterome Therapeutics San Diego 2021 Series A $64,000,000 Alterome Therapeutics is a precision oncology biotech developing alteration-specific therapeutics to address high value and validated oncogenic drivers.
Workiz Inc. San Diego 2015 Series C $60,250,000 Founded in 2015, Workiz is a SaaS CRM platform for small to medium-sized on-demand field service businesses, such as locksmith, carpet cleaning and appliance repair. With Workiz, field service pros can grow their business by ditching antiquated business management methods such as pen and paper, Excel spreadsheets and Google Calendar. Workiz provides an easy-to-use platform which allows them to manage their scheduling, invoicing, payment processing, and more.
GoSite San Diego 2013 Series B $59,750,000 Helping bring America's small businesses online
Concert Health San Diego 2016 Series B $56,500,000 America’s leading behavioral health medical group with a turnkey solution for primary care
Ascus Biosciences San Diego 2015 Series B $51,000,000 Ascus Biosciences develops computational and genomics-based technology platform to discover and develop next-generation microbial products. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in San Diego, California.
XinThera San Diego 2021 Series B $50,000,000 XinThera is a drug discovery company focused on building small molecule oncology and immunology pipeline.
Adcentrx Therapeutics San Diego 2021 Series A $50,000,000 Adcentrx is a biotechnology company focused on accelerating breakthroughs in protein conjugate therapeutic development for cancer and other life-threatening diseases. By combining the targeting precision of biologics and the disease fighting power of small molecule payloads, Adcentrx strives to develop next generation targeted therapies for improving patient treatment options.
Legend3D San Diego 2001 Series C $47,801,704 Legend 3D is an American independent stereoscopic Visual Effects Film production company Based in Los Angeles, California.
KnuEdge San Diego 2005 Series Unknown $47,000,000 KnuEdge is building the world's most scalable compute fabric designed for machine intelligence.
Replicate Bioscience San Diego 2021 Series A $46,000,000 Replicate Bioscience creates novel oncology treatments to prevent and reverse drug resistance through a self-replicating RNA platform called SynRGY. By deploying SynRGY technology, the company aims to design novel treatments that prevent the occurrence of drug resistance and create solutions that enhance the effectiveness of many immuno-oncology regimens. San Diego 2019 Series B $45,900,000 Mosaic is a Strategic Finance Platform that transforms the way business gets done
SkySafe San Diego 2015 Series B $45,000,000 SkySafe is a developer of technology to disable and take over rogue consumer drones.
Biocept San Diego 1993 Post Ipo Equity $43,200,000 When treating cancer, it's no longer an either/or world. It's all about the AND.
AristaMD San Diego 2013 Series B $36,875,000 Transforming Primary Care • Improving Patient Outcomes
Ocelot Bio San Diego 2020 Series A $36,000,000 Ocelot Bio brings new treatment options to patients with severe liver disease. The company was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in San Diego, California.
Accel Robotics San Diego 2015 Series A $35,519,000 Accel Robotics develops a 360-degree visual intelligence platform intended to improve customer experiences. Its camera-based AI system allows any shopper to enter a store, pick the items they want, then walk out, receiving a receipt via text or app notification, allowing businesses to run their stores with ease and confidence and enabling customers to have a checkout-free and more convenient shopping experience.
Graviton San Diego 2020 Series D $35,000,000 Graviton develops novel therapeutics for the treatment of autoimmune, cancer, certain genetic, fibrotic, and other serious diseases. TDI01, a highly selective, potent inhibitor of Rho/Rho-associated coiled-coil containing protein kinase 2 (ROCK2) is currently being studied in the United States for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Graviton anticipates entering human clinical studies in the U.S. in 2021.
Mercato San Diego 2015 Series A $34,700,000 Order your groceries from the best local markets and have them delivered straight to your door within hours.
Trovata San Diego 2016 Series A $30,550,000 Automated Cash Management & Forecasting, powered by Open Banking.
SupplyPro Inc San Diego 1995 Series Unknown $30,499,984 Track and control the boring stuff that makes the cool stuff; manage who, what, where, when, how much and for what.
CourseKey San Diego 2015 Debt Financing $27,550,000 Course Key, Inc. develops education software. The Company offers a platform that provides attendance, auto-graded assessments, interactive textbooks, engaging social channels, and analytics solutions. Course Key serves customers in the State of California.
Revelation Biosciences San Diego 2020 Post Ipo Equity $27,261,290 Revelation Biosciences develops immunologic therapeutics and diagnostics designed to make the world a healthier place.
Turquoise Health San Diego 2020 Series A $25,300,000 Turquoise Health is a health care company that simplifies administration to reduce the expense and complexity of healthcare. The company was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in San Diego, California, United States.
Codex San Diego 2013 Series A $25,000,000 Codex DNA empowers researchers with the tools they need to rapidly and securely design, code, and create synthetic DNA.
Cardea Bio Inc. San Diego 2013 Grant $23,975,000 Linking computers directly up with the live signals of biology. #LinkingUpToLife
Trust & Will San Diego 2017 Series B $23,030,000 Trust & Will operates an online software tool to help people to create their own estate plans. The Company offers an online service providing legal forms and information. Trust & Will serves customers in the United States.
Totum San Diego 2018 Series A $22,000,000 Revolutionary wireless technology for low-cost, global, indoor tracking and monitoring of billions of assets.
Vessel San Diego 2015 Series A $21,481,000 Vessel is an at-home wellness tracker that helps in accessing, understanding, and optimizing health and wellness from the comfort of home. With Vessel, users can test 10 different health metrics in less than 10 minutes for around $10. Vessel works with some of the best doctors, nutritionists, and scientists to create its wellness cards and build food, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations tailored based on the results.
Blooma San Diego 2018 Series A $20,750,000 Automated, AI-Driven Decision Support System (DSS) for Commercial Loan Origination
Daasity San Diego 2017 Series A $20,700,000 Empowering direct-to-consumer brands to grow faster through data driven decision making.
HomeBay San Diego 2014 Series A $18,950,000 Home Bay provides consumers a smarter way to sell homes with data-driven intelligence and on demand customer experience.
LeadCrunch San Diego 2013 Series B $18,180,000 AI B2B Marketing
Surglogs San Diego 2015 Series A $17,500,000 Surglogs streamlines and automates the administration of logbooks, medications, supplies, in-services, and drills in healthcare facilities. The outdated pen-and-paper method is replaced with a HIPAA compliant state of the art digital application, complemented with a desktop portal that serves as an administrative dashboard. Surglogs was founded in 2015 and headquartered in California, United States.
PetDesk San Diego 2013 Series B $15,625,000 We extend pet lives by bringing value to pet care providers and pet parents through our software and #1 mobile app
XYO San Diego 2012 Initial Coin Offering $13,635,000 The people-powered location network. Join us in connecting blockchain dApps to the real world.
Yembo San Diego 2016 Series A $12,945,163 Bringing the power of artificial intelligence to the relocation industry
DotLab San Diego 2016 Series A $12,650,000 Dedicated to advancing women’s health.
XiltriX North America San Diego 2018 Series Unknown $12,225,000 XiltriX Protects Your Science and Helps You Sleep at Night.
SpineZone San Diego 2007 Series A $12,000,000 An alternative approach to neck and back pain without the use of surgery or medications.
Zluri San Diego 2020 Series A $12,000,000 Zluri is a comprehensive SaaS management platform for IT teams. It helps IT teams Discover, Manage, Secure, and Comply across multiple SaaS applications, all from a single dashboard. In short, Zluri puts the IT team back in control of their new SaaS-ified landscape.
ViaTouch Media San Diego 2014 Seed $10,000,000 Changing the way consumers shop!
FutureProof Technologies San Diego 2019 Series Unknown $9,500,000 FutureProof Technologies is a financial analytics software company specializing in physical climate risks.
Blue Sky ELearn San Diego 2002 Debt Financing $7,500,000 Founded in San Diego, CA, Blue Sky eLearn provides a full range of learning technologies that include a proprietary learning management system and a complete set of virtual event services. We help organizations capture educational content from either live or virtual settings, then manage and deliver that content to a global audience through our learning platform.
GroupSolver San Diego 2014 Series Unknown $7,281,497 GroupSolver, Inc. provides consumer research platform. The Company develops a research platform that could analyze and quantify open-ended questions to increase company and product profile and driving inbound traffic. GroupSolver serves csutomers in the State of California.
Hedgedesk San Diego 2018 Pre Seed $7,000,000 Hedgedesk specializes in rehumanizing markets with artificial intelligence. It is driven to rehumanize markets by making global trade safer and more accessible to all people everywhere. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California.
Arima Genomics San Diego 2015 Series B $7,000,000 Genome Sequence and Structure
Micronoma San Diego 2019 Convertible Note $6,500,000 Saving patient lives with a minimally-invasive, cancer screening test.
Ubiq Security San Diego 2019 Seed $6,400,000 Ubiq is a technology company that has simplified the complex and messy world of encryption through a set of APIs, that are simple enough for any developer to use, yet scalable and extensible enough to encrypt data effortlessly across diverse applications and programming languages, cloud environments, and storage types.
Sleep Data San Diego 1995 Private Equity $6,000,000 Clinicians who pioneered home sleep testing founded Sleep Data in 1995. Today, we have a staff of over 50 trained professionals—including Board-registered polysomnographic technicians and respiratory therapists—who will provide your comprehensive sleep apnea care. You will be treated with efficiency and the same discretion you would expect from your primary physician.
Palamedrix San Diego 2020 Seed $6,000,000 Palamedrix is the first company to leverage DNA nanotechnology for revolutionary advancements in life science and medicine.
Personal AI San Diego 2020 Seed $5,900,000 Creation is limited to the memories that you remember. Consumption is limited to the memories you remember to act on. Our goal is to unlock the value captured in the forgotten memories for everyone. We unlock this by creating a Personal AI that is trained entirely on top of your own individual memory so it is authentic to you, your Personal AI is the new medium to create and consume.
Splitero San Diego 2021 Seed $5,800,000 Splitero is to provide homeowners with better options to access home equity without new debt or additional monthly payments.
Lively Root San Diego 2020 Seed $5,100,000 Farm fresh plants delivered to your doorstep!
Sampling Human San Diego 2016 Seed $3,700,000 The mission of Sampling Human is to couple health related decisions to their effects at the single cell level. It is inspired by the founders’ academic and professional efforts to extend what is measurable and to derive what must be measured.
Pack Digital San Diego 2019 Seed $3,000,000 Empower your brand with a modern front-end that provides the benefits of headless, without the risk.
Cloud Water Filters San Diego 2021 Seed $2,300,000 Cloud is a water brand, building a network of lifelong customers around the single promise of toxin-free, nutrient-rich water. Their products are easy to use, technology-enabled, and deliver pure water peace of mind.
DockWorks San Diego 2021 Seed $1,750,000 Were a seed-stage B2B SaaS startup, with over $1.8mm in funding from amazing SaaS investors. Our platform allows marine professionals to manage payments easily, simplify scheduling and dispatching, as well as provide technicians with the accurate and reliable data they need to service marine equipment in the field.
T-REX San Diego 2012 Series Unknown $1,680,000 T-Rex Group, Inc. designs and develops software solutions. The Company offers financial services software technologies. T-Rex Group serves customers in the United States and Israel.
Inngest San Diego 2021 Pre Seed $1,500,000 Inngest is an organization currently based in San Diego, California, United States. It has been founded in 2021 by Tina Zheng and Tony Holdstock-Brown. San Diego 2020 Pre Seed $1,500,000 Eva provides Advanced Amazon Analytics and Intelligent Repricing Platform to the Brands, Private Label Sellers, and Resellers.
MANSCAPED San Diego 2016 Angel $500,000 Precision engineered grooming tools and formulas.

From this list it's clear there are some SaaS companies based in San Diego but the big emphasis seems to be on medical and biotech companies. Feel free to check out the full dataset via the company search functionality or check out some of our other articles below!

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