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63 Top SaaS Startups in the United States - 2022

Updated on November 20, 2023
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Connor Leech

This is a list of Software As A Service (SaaS) startups broken down by company investment stage. We'll look at where the startups are headquartered, year founded, total investment amount and what they do.

63 Top SaaS Startups in the United States - 2022

Within the Employbl database we have over one thousand SaaS companies. In this post we're going to feature some of the most prominent startups by company stage. To explore all the data on your own login to the Employbl dashboard and navigate to the "Companies" page. It's entirely free.

Fun fact: according to a bunch of AI generated articles about SaaS I learned Salesforce invented SaaS. If you've been around the earth a few times you might remember this logo.. which never really made sense to me but it sure got the job done for them.

Done with that tangent. Without further ado, Employbl presents 63 software as a service (SaaS) startups broken out by the stage of investment the companies are currently in according to our latest data.

Series A SaaS Startups

These are startups headquartered in the United States whose most recent financing round from Venture Capital investors was a Series A round. This round normally comes after a Seed or Pre Seed round and is generally in the millions of dollars.

Company Name HQ City Year Founded Total Investment Amount Company Description
NS8 Las Vegas, NV 2016 $157,875,008 NS8 Inc. provides software solutions. The Company designs and develops security platform used by e-commerce merchants to defend their online stores against transaction fraud, advertising fraud, and site reliability issues. NS8 serves customers worldwide.
Observe San Mateo, CA 2017 $112,000,000 SaaS Observability means fewer incidents, more features & happy customers.
R3 New York, NY 2014 $112,000,000 Launch digital industry transformation with R3's Corda blockchain platform.
LoanPro Farmington, UT 2016 $100,000,000 The LoanPro platform was started through necessity-driven innovation. In our early days as lenders ourselves, we found some frustrations of inadequate software to service loans. As serial entrepreneurs with a love of lending, we decided to build the loan-servicing operating system ourselves.
Fauna San Francisco, CA 2015 $84,609,992 Fauna is a flexible, developer-friendly, transactional database delivered as a secure, scalable, web-native API.
Litify New York, NY 2016 $58,719,960 Litify LLC develops software platform for managing law firms. The Company offers platform with marketing, intake, referrals, client interaction, matter management, document storage, finance, enterprise collaboration, customizable layouts, and interactive tools. Litify serves customers in the State of New York.
Slim.AI Boxborough, MA 2020 $58,600,000 Slim.AI helps application developers create, build, deploy, and run their cloud-native apps with zero friction, complexity, and waste. The company's solutions automatically optimize the composition and construction of containerized applications, improve build and deploy cycles, and provide deep insight into application behavior and performance.
BuildOps Santa Monica, CA 2018 $48,800,000 Industry leading all-in-one software solution for subcontractors driving profitability through best-in-class technology
Joy San Francisco, CA 2016 $47,107,496 Joy is the free wedding website and app that does more.
Oasis Labs San Francisco, CA 2018 $45,000,000 Oasis Labs is delivering a cloud computing platform on blockchain built for superior privacy, security and performance. Oasis’s integrated hardware-software technologies aim to enable computationally-intensive processes, like artificial intelligence, for the first time on a blockchain. Oasis Labs is led by a team of academic and entrepreneurial leaders.
R-STOR INC Saratoga, CA 2016 $45,000,000 RSTOR empowers customers with a true ‘software defined cloud’ built for the secure, performant edge.
Flatfile Denver, CO 2018 $44,665,000 Flatfile provides software products that focus specifically on solving the problem of data onboarding, the process businesses use to accept data from other organizations. Flatfile automatically learns how imported data should be structured and cleaned, enabling customers and teams to spend more time using their data instead of fixing it.
Ketch San Francisco, CA 2020 $43,000,000 Ketch is a new way for businesses to automate data privacy and security helps businesses build trust with consumers while controlling and harnessing data to fuel core operations and top-line growth.
Oqton San Francisco, CA 2017 $40,000,000 The operating system for intelligent factories
FileCloud Austin, TX 2016 $40,000,000 #1 Enterprise File Sharing, Sync and Backup
Goldcast Cambridge, MA 2019 $38,000,000 Online events platform for enterprises to host interactive customer summits, marketing events, workshops & many more Delaware, OH 2021 $35,000,000 Xata offers a serverless database service that offers the power of a traditional database with the usability of a SaaS spreadsheet app.
Bumped Portland, OR 2017 $35,000,000 Powering loyal customer relationships through stock ownership.
Netdata San Francisco, CA 2018 $34,700,000 Monitor everything in real time for free
Atrium San Francisco, CA 2016 $33,500,000 Atrium helps sales leaders manage their teams with modern, always-on analytics to drive positive behavior change & win.

Series B SaaS Startups

These are Series B startups headquartered in the United States that sell a software as a service product to customers. It's ordered by tech companies that have raised the most money. All of these companies most recent funding round was a Series B, according to our data that's harvested from one of the world's largest Knowledge Graphs, provided by Diffbot.

Company Name HQ City Year Founded Total Investment Amount Company Description
StackPath Dallas, TX 2015 $396,000,000 StackPath, LLC provides cyber security solution. The Company offers security platform services to protect systems from cyber threats, viruses, and other threats. StackPath serves customers worldwide.
Quantum Metric Monument, CO 2015 $251,000,000 Digital products have to change faster than ever. But many companies aren’t built to move that fast. Data is siloed, teams take too long to prioritize, and impact is hard to quantify.
Emerge Scottsdale, AZ 2017 $172,500,000 EmergeTech, LLC provides software solutions. The Company offers cloud-based platform for connecting shippers and carriers to accelerate productivity, real-time visibility, and access to all available capacity when companies move products. EmergeTech serves customers in the United States.
NewStore Boston, MA 2015 $155,400,000 Let's bring the joy back to retail.
Grin Sacramento, CA 2014 $145,260,000 The best all-in-one Influencer Marketing Software for ecommerce brands
Instabase San Francisco, CA 2015 $131,970,000 Instabase provides powerful building blocks to develop applications for understanding data trapped in documents.
Minio Inc Palo Alto, CA 2014 $126,300,000 High Performance, Kubernetes Native Object Storage
Ripcord Hayward, CA 2015 $117,400,000 Ripcord Inc. operates as a robotics digitization company. The Company offers platform that combines hardware and software robotics to process and digitize paper-based records via an integrated SaaS. Ripcord serves clients in the United States.
Persefoni Tempe, AZ 2020 $114,200,000 The Persefoni Platform enables organizations and institutional investors to measure their carbon footprint.
AgentSync Denver, CO 2018 $111,100,000 AgentSync is where Producer Management and Compliance meet smart technology and automation. AgentSync is a powerful, easy-to-use Compliance as a Service solution. It directly integrates regulatory database sources of truth (i.e. NIPR, FINRA) with core business systems (i.e. Salesforce) so they can automate the critical business processes associated with these compliance requirements.
Ermetic Boston, MA 2019 $97,250,000 Ermetic enables enterprises to protect cloud infrastructures (IaaS/PaaS) from access-related risks and misconfigurations by maintaining continuous visibility into identities, their entitlements and data usage. By combining analytics with granular, full stack insight, Ermetic makes it possible to enforce least privilege access at scale even in the most complex cloud environments.
SamCart Austin, TX 2014 $95,000,000 SamCart An e-commerce platform for creators. You can create beautiful sites that showcase your products, convert more visitors into customers, and increase the value of each purchase. Their mission is to empower entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed.
Contentstack San Francisco, CA 2018 $89,000,000 Enabling marketers and developers to manage and deliver omnichannel content with ease.
Tive Boston, MA 2015 $81,929,984 Take surprises out of your supply chain
Census San Francisco, CA 2018 $80,300,000 Census is a data automation platform that synchronizes customer's data warehouses with business systems and tools such as Salesforce and Marketo. The solution syncs the data warehouse with CRM and go-to-market tools and puts customer success, sales, and marketing teams on the same page by sharing the same customer data, enabling client companies to leverage and distribute product data to where it's needed.
Secureframe San Francisco, CA 2020 $78,500,000 Secureframe is a provider of SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliance automation software used for compliant security. It provides automated compliance audits and ongoing compliance monitoring that ensures the service providers securely manage the data to protect the interests of an organization and the privacy of its clients and enables companies globally to obtain and maintain SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certification.
Middesk San Francisco, CA 2018 $77,000,000 Middesk helps businesses conduct background checks on other businesses. It centralizes the information necessary to conduct risk and compliance assessments on each of your customers. Companies that manage regulatory requirements use Middesk for verifying and screening their customers. B2B companies use its data to set and manage credit limits and define payment terms for new and existing customers.
StrongDM Inc Burlingame, CA 2015 $76,050,000 StrongDM, Inc. designs and develops database software. The Company offers a platform to simplify and centralize access to critical data across the enterprise. StrongDM serves customers in the United States. Dallas, TX 2017 $75,925,000 Intelligent Process Automation for Global Logistics.
Cherre New York, NY 2016 $75,000,000 Follow Your Data
Stedi Boulder, CO 2017 $74,977,504 The structured messaging platform for B2B trade.
SaaS Labs Palo Alto, CA 2014 $73,249,992 Saas Labs develops software products that revolve around productivity and business process automation.
Databook Palo Alto, CA 2016 $71,000,000 Enterprise Customer Intelligence Platform

Series C SaaS Startups

Some people would say after a company raises a Series C they're no longer a startup. Heck, even some people say after a Series A a company isn't a startup anymore. We can call these organizations simply "tech companies" or saas companies or software companies but whatever they are here's the list you were looking for: Series C companies that provide software, as a service, to their customers.

Company Name HQ City Year Founded Total Investment Amount Company Description
Ribbon New York, NY 2015 $905,000,000 We give home buyers the freedom to buy before they sell. Designed with realtors in mind - sign up for your free account
Orca Security Portland, OR 2019 $632,000,000 Orca Security provides cloud-wide, workload-deep security and compliance for AWS, Azure, and GCP - without agents!
ClickUp San Diego, CA 2016 $537,500,032 A fundamentally new way to work.
Leaflink New York, NY 2015 $379,000,000 LeafLink connects 5,500+ retailers with 1,700+ brands and distributors for streamlined cannabis commerce.
Pensando Milpitas, CA 2017 $313,000,000 Pensando Systems is advancing distributed computing designed for the New Edge, powering software-defined cloud, compute, networking, storage and security services to transform existing architectures into secure, ultra-fast environments demanded by next-generation applications.
Fabric Seattle, WA 2017 $293,500,000 Fabric is the headless commerce platform purpose-built for growth. Customers like BuildDirect, ABC Carpet & Home, and Universal Lacrosse trust Fabric for its open and modular design, allowing them to be live in weeks without having to replatform.
ZenBusiness Austin, TX 2015 $274,500,000 ZenBusiness Inc. designs and develops software. The Company offers a software platform that handles incorporation and entity management solutions. ZenBusiness serves customers in the State of Texas.
Chronosphere New York, NY 2019 $254,400,000 Cloud Native monitoring platform, powered by M3, for today’s most demanding environments.
Paradox Scottsdale, AZ 2016 $253,340,000 Paradox, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company designs and develops recruiting assistive intelligence platform. Paradox serves customers worldwide.
Oyster Charlotte, NC 2020 $224,200,000 Oyster mission is to remove the barriers between talented people and great full-time jobs at a global scale. We believe it should be easy for any company to hire any person, no matter where either is located in the world.
Persona San Francisco, CA 2018 $217,500,000 Persona is the first all-in-one identity platform securely built to help you serve the real people of your business.
Clumio Santa Clara, CA 2017 $186,000,000 About SaaS Data Protection for an All Cloud World. Clumio unleashes the full power of cloud to deliver secure backup and recovery for your data - wherever it needs to be.
NexHealth San Francisco, CA 2015 $177,151,984 NexHealth, Inc. provides health care software. The Company offers patient communication, retention, and accessibility solutions. NexHealth serves customers in the United States.
Odeko New York, NY 2018 $173,000,000 Mobile ordering and supply chain software for cafés, bakeries and coffee shops. Cambridge, MA 2017 $171,500,000 connects the world's applications with APIs and service mesh across any infrastructure.
Karat Seattle, WA 2014 $169,100,000 Karat established the category of Interview Engineering to make every interview predictive, fair, and enjoyable. Karat’s solution combines 24/7 live technical interviews, rigorously tested interview formats, enterprise-grade Interview Infrastructure, and unmatched data visibility and insights.
CaptivateIQ San Francisco, CA 2017 $164,600,000 CaptivateIQ makes commissions clear and accurate with a flexible, automated solution designed to save teams countless hours and costly errors.
VLOCITY, INC. San Francisco, CA 2014 $162,800,000 Transform your Business with the Industry Cloud.
LinkSquares Inc Boston, MA 2015 $161,469,792 LinkSquares, Inc. provides artificial intelligence solutions. The Company focuses on powered contract and legal document analytics. LinkSquares serves customers in the State of Massachusetts.
Gtmhub Denver, CO 2015 $160,550,000 Helping people who believe that results and determination are connected.

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