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8i Corporation designs and develops software solutions. The Company offers 3 dimensions software to capture reality and playback across devices. 8i serves customers in the United States and New Zealand.


2009, Mountain View

Addepar is the first performance reporting platform that easily handles all of your assets, connecting your financial goals and objectives with real world actionable insights.

AI Foundation


By making it possible for everyone to have their own AI, we're putting control back in the hands of individuals and unlocking the limits of humanity.

Anduril Industries


Anduril Industries, Inc. provides security solutions. The Company offers solutions for military based security, energy facility protection, wildfire detection, and infrastructure defense. Anduril Industries provides its services in the United States.


2008, San Francisco

Asana helps you coordinate all the work your team does together. So everyone knows what needs to get done, who’s responsible for doing it, and when it’s due.

Atrium LTS

2017, San Francisco

Atrium is a full-service corporate law firm that uses modern technology to give startups a legal experience that is fast, transparent, and price-predictable.

Ayar Labs


Ayar Labs, Inc. develops photonic interconnect technology products. The Company offers products which reduces the use of fiber optic transceivers by storing the data in silicon chips. Ayar Labs serves customers in the State of California.


2014, San Francisco

Bolt makes you more money. Better-than-Amazon checkout. Zero fraud. Commerce infrastructure that drives online businesses 10%-20% newfound revenue.

Boom Shakalaka


Boom Sports is a technology company whose mission is to entertain and connect sports fans through games. After building the most popular real-money pick 'em daily fantasy product (2-time EGR app of the year), we're designing and operating world-class, free-to-play, games for media, league, and pro sports team partners. Our flagship product is NBC Sports Predictor, which offers fans in all 50 states the chance to win real money based on their (free) predictions. The product has been a huge success -- hundreds of thousands of active users, a 4.8 app store rating on 2K+ reviews -- and has provided a model for others that want to maximize the value of their audience in advance of legalized sports betting. If you want to build (legal) sports gaming products for the next generation of fans, come join us! We're hiring.


2014, Redwood City

Increase mobile revenue with enterprise-grade links built to acquire, engage, and measure across all devices, channels, and platforms.

Brave Software


Brave Inc of USA provides Internet based services. The Company offers Internet surfing browser with privacy and security solutions. Brave serves customers in the United States.

Built Robotics


Built Robotics is an industrial automation company that designs to make autonomous construction equipment. They also allow one equipment operator to oversee a fleet of vehicles working autonomously in parallel. It combines sensors such as GPS, cameras, and lidar with advanced software, and the systems can be installed on standard equipment from any manufacturer. The company transforms heavy equipment into autonomous robots for the $1 trillion earthmoving industry. It also develops AI guidance systems to transform heavy equipment into autonomous robots. Built’s guidance systems are deployed today across the $1 trillion earthmoving industry, and they’re being used to build critical infrastructures such as wind farms, gas pipelines, and new housing developments. Built Robotics is backed by some of the top investors in Silicon Valley, including Founders Fund, NEA, and Next47, and has raised over $48M to date.



Bunch is the first app that allows its users to play their favorite games with friends over video chat. Its platform is the easiest way for players to discover, play, and share live mobile games with their friends. It was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in New York City, New York.



Bungalow Living, Inc. provides home rental services. The Company offers its services in the United States.

Carrot Fertility

2016, San Francisco

Carrot is a simple way to design the right fertility plan for your company while expanding coverage to all employees regardless of age, sexual orientation, gender identity or marital status.



Cedar Inc designs and develops application software for healthcare sectors. The Company offers patient relationship management, payment processing, billing information, and other services. Cedar serves patients, clinics, and hospitals in the United States.



Citizen notifies users with instant safety alerts and real-time incident updates, along with live video broadcasts directly from the scene of the situation. With open access to information, Citizen users are provided with the knowledge required to make safer and more informed decisions. Citizen is building a global safety network of people protecting each other. Currently operating in New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Baltimore and Philadelphia, Citizen is growing fast. Together, we are building technology to keep the public safe and informed.

Clara Health


Clara is a software platform that streamlines the process of participating in clinical trials. The platform helps patients to find and connect with clinical trials.



Clearing is a digital healthcare platform built to serve the more than 50M chronic pain sufferers in the United States. In partnership with leading physicians and researchers at Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and the Hospital for Special Surgery, and with significant funding from top-tier investors Bessemer Venture Partners, Founders Fund, Breyer Capital, and a host of leading healthcare and consumer entrepreneurs (including the founders of Hims, Seamless Grubhub, Flatiron Health, Forward Health, Curology and more) we are on a mission to provide patients with access to comprehensive, opioid-free pain relief.

Cobalt Robotics


At Cobalt, we’re on a mission to elevate the work that people do by training machines to do boring tasks better. We believe that one human aspect that can never be replaced is judgment. By creating robots with machine learning, we are able to replace dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs so that the humans responsible for those areas can better focus on what matters. Cobalt was built by best in class engineers with security defense experts, backed by world class investors. Cobalt’s service is designed and managed by military special operations intelligence



Coder operates as a software company. The Company provides computer software applications. Code serves customers in the United States.

Collective Health

2013, San Francisco

Optimize the health of your company with our Workforce Health Management System.



Datavant, Inc. operates as a software development company. The Company provides application for healthcare organizations to safely link their data to improve medical research and patient care. Datavant serves customers throughout the United States.



Datavant, Inc. operates as a software development company. The Company provides application for healthcare organizations to safely link their data to improve medical research and patient care. Datavant serves customers throughout the United States.



Density Inc. operates as a software company. The Company sells access to a data platform that delivers real-time, accurate, and anonymous people count, as well as allows to make informed, data driven decisions around their real estate portfolios, conference room planning, and facilities management. Density serves clients in the United States.



Earn USA, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company designs and develops an application that allow users to earn bitcoin in exchange for answering messages. Earn serves customers in the United States.


2014, Oakland

We partner with employers to offer Even as a benefit. Employers offer Even to their people; in return, employers save money because Even improves employee retention.



Expanse, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company designs and develops an Internet intelligence platform that continuously collects and correlates petabytes of active and passive information about every device and service connected to the public Internet. Expanse serves customers worldwide.


2004, Menlo Park

Create an account or log into Facebook. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates.



Figma, Inc. designs and develops browser based photo editing software. The Company offers designing, prototyping, and collaboration for developers, product managers, and marketer. Figma serves customers in the United States.


2013, San Francisco

Flexport moves freight globally by air, ocean, rail, and truck for the world's leading brands. We combine powerful software and dedicated experts to give you accountability, peace of mind, and control over your supply chain.

Flock Safety


Flock Safety is a public safety-as-a-service company that builds ethically-designed crime-solving technology for neighborhoods, law enforcement, and cities who want the whole community to work together in eliminating crime. If a crime occurs, give the police the evidence they need with Flock's wireless security camera. Within months of launching Flock, we helped solve our first crime and we knew we were onto something. Now, it's our greatest measure of success - are we able to help our customers when they need us most? Today, over 1,000 cities in 38 states are a part of our Flock, and our team wakes up every day to help protect them.

Flo Health Inc


Flo Health, Inc. provides women's health mobile application services. The Company offers AI-powered women's health platform that encompasses accurate cycle predictions, personalized daily health insights, and secure community of experts and peers. Flo Health, serves customers in the United States and Europe.



FLYR Labs brings together the best technologists to radically transform air travel through cutting edge technologies that are years ahead of what has been commercially available. We solve complex problems with beautifully engineered solutions that rely on Deep Learning (AI) and our end-to-end Managed Data Infrastructure to help leading airlines around the world unlock their full potential. With our Cirrus Business Intelligence™ Platform, we provide airlines with the insight and intelligence for making the best-informed decisions, automated or by leading you and your teams in the right direction. It has never been easier to answer sophisticated questions, enable AI-based revenue maximization, and simulate highly-complex scenarios.


2011, San Francisco

GoodRx helps Americans save on prescriptions.



goTenna (goTenna Inc) is a Brooklyn, New York-based startup that designs and develops technologies for off-grid and decentralized communications. goTenna devices pair with smartphones and, through intelligent mobile ad hoc networking protocols, enable users to send texts and share locations on a peer-to-peer basis, foregoing the need for centralized communications infrastructure of any kind.



Gowalla, Inc. provides location-based mobile web applications. The Company offers applications that allow users to check in to locations they visited using their mobile device. Gowalla operates in the United States.



Grabango is the leading provider of checkout-free technology for large scale grocery and convenience store chains. Grabango delivers a next-generation shopper experience as the only enterprise-class, checkout-free solution on the market today. The Grabango platform is a fault-tolerant system that accurately processes thousands of simultaneous interactions between people and goods. The system places no limits on who can enter the store, what can be sold there or how the merchandise is configured. Grabango has tripled its workforce since emerging from stealth mode in January 2019. The plan is to double in size by the end of 2020 to match the growing product demand and support client installations. The company is currently hiring across all functions, including engineering and operations. Learn more at www.grabango.com


2015, San Francisco

At Grabr, our vision is to break down borders so that everyone can enjoy their favorite products, no matter what city they call home.

GreenPark Sports


GreenPark Sports provides digital experiences and games for sports and esports fans. Its flagship product is a native, free-to-play mobile game played over the top of sporting events, where fans battle to become the undisputed “Best Fans” of their league and season. The company was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Burlingame, California.



Hadrian manufactures precision components for cutting-edge technology companies.



About HelloOffice is a technology-powered commercial real estate brokerage making the search for office space seamless and intelligent. HelloOffice is a technology-powered brokerage helping companies search for office space in a smarter and faster way. HelloOffice is experienced brokers, the most comprehensive data in the market, and a platform that makes it easy to find the space where your team will do their best work.


2017, San Francisco

Hims is a men's wellness brand helping guys get access to the best that science has to offer.



Hooked is redefining entertainment for the smartphone generation. We publish original \'flash\' fiction, multimedia audio stories, and engaging narrative videos -- all for teens and millennials to consume on their phones. With over 50M users per month across our iOS and Android apps, as well as Snapchat, YouTube and Facebook, Hooked is creating engaging mass-market entertainment. The Hooked app has hit the #1 spot in the App Store in 25 countries, including the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and South Korea. Hooked has raised $15M in funding from top investors in Silicon Valley and Hollywood, including Ashton Kutcher, The Chernin Group, Charles King, Greg Silverman, Jamie Foxx, Snoop Dogg, Mariah Carey, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and LeBron James, among many others. The founders are Prerna Gupta and Parag Chordia, veterans from the mobile app world. Prerna and Parag have previously built music apps, like AutoRap, that have helped over 150MM people experience the joy of music creation. They've also produced several viral videos totaling over 300MM views.

Hot Mic


Hot Mic is a live streaming platform that connects with favorite media personalities to television. The platform allows fans to connect and engage with commentators and participate in the conversation with built-in chat, social, and more. Whether they prefer funny, famous, fantasy-focused, fanatical, or female perspective, Hot Mic optionality puts fans in charge of their experience. Hot Mic was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States.

IRL - Social Calendar


IRL App is a social planning application that keeps users connected with each other. It is an app that makes it easy and fun to send and receive invites to hang out with friends in real life. The app also features a series of suggestions for invites that users can send, which change regularly based on users’ interests or locations, seasons, and upcoming holidays. IRL allows users to anonymously nominate friends for things that the friends are good at. IRL App's goal is to offer a place to discover things and allow users to do those things with other people. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

June Oven

2013, San Francisco

The June is a do-it-all smart convection oven that makes cooking perfectly easy

Kimono Labs


Kimono Labs, Inc. designs and develops software solutions. The Company offers internet based applications. Kimono Labs serves customers in the United States.


2015, New York

LeafLink connects 5,500+ retailers with 1,700+ brands and distributors for streamlined cannabis commerce.

Leap Motion

2010, San Francisco

Reach into the future of virtual and augmented reality


2011, San Francisco

LiveRamp is an identity resolution middleware company that moves data between most of the major marketing applications.

Newfront Insurance

2017, San Francisco

The modern insurance brokerage that combines excellent service and streamlined technology.

Notable Labs

2014, San Francisco

Notable Labs is a drug testing service to help oncologists identify actionable treatment options for people with blood cancers.



Omni provides access to the things you need through its rentals platform. By partnering with local businesses, Omni is bringing rentals to communities so everyone can have access to more items — from bikes and surfboards to camping equipment and air purifiers. Customers can reserve items from local businesses and pick up them instantly, or book rentals in advance. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States.



About Organizer is evolving how organizations use technology to engage citizens. Organizer is a cloud-based mobile solution that enables organizations to more successfully engage, inform, and influence their target communities. Additional Information Organizer is a market-leading, cloud-based suite for mobile field contact of voters and consumers. Clients range from large-scale enterprise customers to politi ... cal campaigns of all sizes across America. Based in San Francisco's SoMa district, our team is a diverse mashup of winning campaign organizers, hackers, entrepreneurs, and designers. Twitter user? Follow us! @OrganizerInc

Osaro Inc


Osaro, Inc. provides machine learning software solutions. The Company specializes in developing an artificial intelligence (AI) software for industrial automation, as well as offers integrated perception and control software for industrial scale robotic deployments. Osaro operates in the State of California.

Oscar Health

2012, New York

We do health insurance differently — with more coverage, less hassle, and perks that give you the most value for your premium.


2003, Palo Alto

Our Gotham and Foundry platforms use versioning technology so you can manage data like software engineers manage code.



Path, Inc. develops photo and video sharing software for mobiles. The Company offers software to post, capture, create, and share photos and videos. Path serves customers worldwide.

Pattern Ag


Pattern Ag provides soil microbiome analysis and recommendations for input optimization on farms. Focused on specific pest and disease pressures faced by corn and soybean farmers, the firm recommends what to purchase and application solutions for when and where they are needed.

People Data Labs


People Data Labs builds people data. Use our dataset of 1.5 billion unique person profiles to build products, enrich person profiles, power predictive modeling/AI, analysis, and more. We work with technical teams as their engineering focused people data partner. We work with thousands of data science teams as their engineering focused people data partner. These include enterprises like adidas, eBay, and Acxiom, as well as startups like Madison Logic, Zoho, and Workable. We are a deeply technical company, and are backed by two leading engineering venture capital firms - Founders Fund and 8VC.



Fly through your job search. Access career coaching, live workshops, and magic tools at Placement.com.


2010, San Francisco

No matter your industry or goal, better information means better decisions. Our daily imagery gives you fresh insights about more places on the planet than anyone else.


2011, San Francisco

Postmates powers local, on-demand logistics focused on fast deliveries from any type of merchant at scale.

Practice Fusion

2005, San Francisco

Join 112,000+ health care professionals on the most connected network in healthcare.



About is building the world’s best savings platform by combining a powerful shopping comparison engine with price drop alerts and more ways to save to offer consumers the best price while encouraging sustainable shopping. General Information Contact Us: hello@price.com Privacy Policy: Founding Date 2016 Products iOS and Android Apps



Quantum computing will be a world-changing technology with the potential to unlock powerful advances in medicine, energy, finance and beyond. At PsiQuantum, we’re focused on building the world’s first useful quantum computer. A useful quantum computer requires at least 1,000,000 qubits and error correction. We believe photonics is the only path to building a useful quantum computer. Our team at PsiQuantum is a mix of quantum physicists, semiconductor, systems, and software engineers, system architects and more. Error correction is at the centre of everything we do; and we focus on solving real-world problems. If you’re interested in joining our team, we are always open to hearing from exceptional people interested in working on one of the defining technologies of our lifetime.


2010, San Francisco

Quid puts the world’s information at your fingertips. It draws connections between big ideas, giving your brain more power than you ever dreamed possible.


2009, Mountain View

Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge. It's a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers.



Ramp is a technology company building the next generation corporate card to save businesses money. We’re redesigning how corporate spend should be managed from the ground up to save time, money, and ensure control. We provide companies higher card limits, insightful saving opportunities, automated expense management, lightning fast receipt matching, seamless accounting integration, and more. Ramp was founded by the same team who built, scaled, and sold Paribus to Capital One, spearheading Capital One’s push into saving technologies. Their group at Capital One enabled automated savings on online purchases, and put over $100 million back in consumers' pockets. Ramp is committed to providing that same value and savings to businesses. We are backed by Founders Fund, Coatue, and Box Group, in addition to an exceptional collective of more than 50 founders of leading companies (representing over $100B in market capitalization). If you are interested in working at Ramp and don't fit one of the openings at ramp.com/careers, please feel free to email us at recruiting@ramp.com. We are always looking for people with passion, drive, and diverse experiences whose skills will enhance our team.



Rapleaf Inc. develops internet software applications. The Company provides personalization software that allows companies to understand and target their consumers online. Rapleaf conducts business internationally.



Regent is building all-electric sea gliders for fast, safe, and low-cost coastal transportation.



Replica is an enterprise data platform that delivers critical insights about the built environment. Our analytical engine provides a collective representation of the built environment– including people, mobility, economic activity, and land use.Replica ingests a wide range of data inputs in order to deliver more valuable insights. These include publicly available data sets, such as the US Census and land use regulations, to private data sources such as aggregate mobile location or credit transaction data, and real estate transaction data. Whenever possible, Replica measures its model outputs against observed ground-truth, such as auto counts or transit ridership, and publishes the results, in order to provide greater certainty to its customers. Replica customers also have the option to provide their own ground-truth, in order to enable more measurable model outputs.


2011, San Francisco

Rescale offers a software platform and hardware infrastructure for companies to perform scientific and engineering simulation.



Making organizations cyber secure by providing them the tools, guidance, and solutions to insure and secure their data. Founded on 2016, Arceo is privately funded and headquartered in San Francisco, California with offices in Chicago, Baltimore, and New York.



Rippling is the first way for businesses to manage their HR & IT - from payroll and benefits, to employee devices and apps - all in one, modern system. In 90-seconds, a company can onboard a new employee and set up their payroll, health insurance, work computer, and third-party apps like Gmail, Microsoft Office, and Slack. It's the only platform that unifies every employee system, and automates the administrative work behind each. Rippling has raised over $60M in funding from investors including Kleiner Perkins, Initialized Capital, and Y Combinator.

River Search


River is a content discovery platform that pulls stories and content from across the entire internet. The company was founded in 2018 and it is based in New York.

Run The World


Run The World is a digital platform that enables people to collaborate with and learn from others. Run The World will help people build their event through simple plug and play templates, enabling them to create an engaging online event for their attendees. Run the World enables professional organizations to organize more frequent meetings and engage more members, with little financial cost and time needed. They offer exciting formats and proprietary technology that enable your attendees to interact with speakers and socialize with each other in a fun and engaging way.

Scale AI


Scale accelerates the development of AI applications by helping machine learning teams generate high-quality ground truth data. Our advanced LiDAR, image, video and NLP annotation APIs allow machine learning teams at companies like OpenAI, Lyft, Pinterest, and Airbnb focus on building differentiated models vs. labeling data. Our APIs include: • Sensor Fusion - the first solution in the market to provide annotation for LiDAR/RADAR/Camera data • Semantic Segmentation • 2D Bounding Boxes/Polygons • Video • Lines & Splines • Keypoints • Data categorization • Named Entity Recognition • OCR Transcription



Sendbloom is re-engineering the sales conversation. We're accelerating sales and eliminating the repetition of outreach with the power of highly targeted automation. With CRM integration and a beautiful interface automating top of funnel communications, starting conversations is easier than ever before. Sendbloom is building the Iron Man suit for sales teams across the world.


2009, Redwood City

Delivering your transactional and marketing emails through the world's largest cloud-based email delivery platform. Send with confidence.



Settle is a fintech platform that automates B2B payments and provides working-capital solutions for businesses. The company was founded by Alek Koenig in November 2019 and is based in San Francisco, CA, USA.



Siftery Inc operates as a software company. The Company offers software as a service (SaaS) products. Siftery serves small and medium enterprises in the United States.



Socotra, Inc. provides software solution. The Company offers cloud-native core platform that supports underwriting, policy administration, claims, billing, reporting, and other insurance services. Socotra serves customers in the United States.


2011, San Francisco

SoFi is a modern finance company. We partner with members to offer great service and low rates for student loan refinancing, mortgages and personal loans.


2012, San Francisco

Customer-centric enterprises worldwide partner with Sparkcentral to decrease phone calls, eliminate email, and replace live chat support volumes while drastically improving customer satisfaction rates.


2006, New York

Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs.

Stash Invest

2015, New York

From innovation to the environment, invest in what matters to you. With Stash, you can invest in a selection of stocks and ETFs that is carefully curated by our investment team based on expense ratio, trading liquidity, and risk profile.



Stord is the supply chain in the cloud-empowering brands to build sophisticated, agile, and integrated supply chains. With a single integration between your enterprise systems to the Stord Supply Chain Cloud, you unlock a single view of inventory, order orchestration logic, audited data and analytics, and more. Backed by our network of 500+ warehouses, 30+ fulfillment centers and 20k+ carriers, use the Stord Supply Chain Cloud to request a shipment, launch a new warehouse or run new distribution models that help you out-deliver the competition. Let’s move supply chains to the cloud, together. We're a rapidly growing team that is backed by over $46M of capital from leading investors such as Founders Fund, Kleiner Perkins, Susa Ventures, Dynamo, BoxGroup, B-Capital, and more. Learn more about STORD, our business, and career opportunities at www.stord.com



Teckro is a life science technology company that is rethinking every element of clinical research - the people, the processes, and the technologies used. By making it possible for all relevant information to be instantly accessible to every active member of a clinical trial and for the entire study teams to be connected effortlessly, Teckro is broadening the possibilities of what they can achieve. Teckro's solutions result in quicker development of drugs and treatments for the world’s most complex diseases. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Limerick, Ireland with offices in Dublin and Nashville.



Tempo designs and develops a home fitness platform with personal guidance to help users in their training sessions. It features live elite trainers who can help users when they make mistakes. It has built-in three-dimensional sensors that track form, counts reps, and recommend weights. It helps users to improve in real-time. Powered by 3D motion sensors and AI, it analyzes 25 of the body’s essential joints as users work out and gives understood form feedback. Moawia Eldeeb and Joshua Augustin founded it as Pivot in 2015, with its headquarters in San Francisco in California.

The Athletic

2016-01-, San Francisco

Go beyond the box score with quality local and national sports coverage from an all-star team of writers. No ads, no clickbait — only stories with substance.

The Hive

2013, San Francisco

Hive is a deep learning company solving visual intelligence challenges through three main pillars of the business: Hive Data, Hive Predict, and Hive Media. Hive Data is the world’s largest two-sided marketplace for machine learning data labeling.



Turing.com enables companies to hire senior pre-vetted remote software developers who have strong technical & communication skills and work in their timezone. 100+ companies including those backed by Google Ventures, Andreessen, Founders Fund, Kleiner, and Bloomberg have hired Turing developers. Turing Hire: Turing’s hiring process is designed to ensure a high quality/cost ratio and selects the best remote software engineers across the globe. Our rigorous vetting process tests software engineers in three critical areas: technical skill, English skill, and fit for remote work jobs. Companies can hire Turing’s remote developers of Silicon Valley caliber at affordable rates in just a few days. They can screen and hire vetted engineers across 100+ skills such as react, python, golang, angular, node, swift, java, and many more. Turing’s software ensures that companies can do automatic time tracking & daily stand-ups with their remote developers and manage them easily. Turing Jobs: For more than 150,000 developers across 130 countries, Turing Jobs is the preferred platform for finding remote US software engineering jobs. Turing offers a wide range of long term full-time remote jobs for full-stack development, web, mobile, backend, frontend, dev ops, and AI/ML developers. Turing company is backed by well-known investors like Facebook’s first CTO (Adam D’Angelo), executives from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Founders Fund (investors in Facebook, Tesla, Asana, etc). Turing is led by serial A.I. entrepreneurs Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan, whose last A.I. firm leveraged remote talent and had a successful acquisition.

Uversity Inc


Uversity helps admissions professionals achieve enrollment success by engaging their prospective students as individuals to better understand how every student is different.



Varda is a space manufacturing startup that focuses on creating products in space for terrestrial applications. They aim to manufacture things in space that benefit from low gravity. The company intends to create an infrastructure that harvests source materials for new products in-space via asteroid mining. The company was founded in 2020 by Delian Asparouhov and Trae Stephens.



Vise automates investment management for financial advisors using artificial intelligence. Vise has built a full-stack platform spanning the entire lifecycle of the advisor-client relationship, including designing personalized portfolios for clients, managing portfolios, and providing on-going intelligence. By doing so, Vise helps financial advisors focus on their most valuable resource -- their client relationships. Vise was founded in 2016 by Samir Vasavada and Runik Mehrotra in New York, New York.


2016, San Francisco

WanderJaunt is building the future of hospitality by bringing the consistency, reliability and service of traditional hotels into the short term rental industry. We provide seamless hospitality experiences for our guests and end-to-end property management services for our partners. Our goal — to create a world where everyone feels at home.


2018, San Francisco

WorkPatterns creates shared workspaces for your recurring meetings that allow participants to add discussion topics, assign action items and due dates.



Workstream (www.workstream.us) is a text recruiting and hiring tool for local businesses, especially restaurants. We help you to hire faster with texting / SMS, cutting in half the time to engage, hire and onboard hourly workers, saving you over 10s of hours every week and hiring the right talent faster. We have helped business owners and operators from Jamba, Chick-fil-A, McDonald's, Dunkin', Applebee's, Auntie Anne's, Cinnabon and more to increase efficiency by over 150%, increasing their bottom line and creating significant cost savings. We are a team from MIT, Google, Yelp, Stanford, Cornell, and backed by investors including Peter Thiel's Founders Fund, Charles River Ventures, CEO Zoom, Jay Z, CEO DoorDash, Joe Montana, James Harden, COO Yelp, CEO Logitech, Chairman Louis Vuitton (LVMH), Chairman JetBlue, Peterson Ventures, GGV Capital, CEO Intercom, and more.


2006, San Francisco

Xero is a New Zealand domiciled public software company that offers a cloud-based accounting software platform for small and medium-sized businesses



ZenBusiness Inc. designs and develops software. The Company offers a software platform that handles incorporation and entity management solutions. ZenBusiness serves customers in the State of Texas.


2013, San Francisco

Zenefits online HCM software gives your team a single place to manage all of your HR needs - payroll, benefits, compliance, and more.


2015, San Francisco

Zenysis builds data analysis products for governments of developing countries. Its software is embedded in health systems that provide services for over 100 million people, helping governments fight epidemic outbreaks, respond to natural disasters, and allocate hundreds of millions of dollars in healthcare spending.



Zinier Inc. provides software solutions. The Company designs and develops field service automation platform that helps organizations work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Zinier serves customers in the United States.


2007-07-, San Francisco

Zynga is a leading developer of the world's most popular social games that are played by millions of people around the world each day.

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