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About The First & Only End-to-End Data Science Automation Platform. Automate your entire data science process and go live in days, not months. Impressum Ryohei Fujimaki is the Founder & CEO of dotData. Prior to founding dotData, he was the youngest research fellow ever in NEC Corporation’s 119-year history, the title was honored for only six individuals among 1000+ researchers. Products Enterprise Data Science Automation software; built-in AI / ML processes deliver a fully automated Data Science Project experience.

Headquarters Location
10080 North Wolfe Road Sw3350, San Mateo, CA 95014
Total Investment Amount
Employee Count
50 - 100 employees
Year Founded
Ryohei Fujimaki
Founded By
Masato Asahara, Kusumura Yukitaka, Yusuke Muraoka, Ryohei Fujimaki
Is Public
Is Acquired
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