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Text IQ is building AI for sensitive information, so we can help enterprises and government agencies to reduce their latent risk. Our mission is to illuminate the world's dark data, so our customers can make decisions based on total understanding. We've come a long way since our CEO, one of the inventors of IBM’s Watson, developed a set of algorithms that could traverse the 150,000 words in Jane Austen’s Emma and understand its meaning, people, and relationships, and how these changed over time. Today, our technology powers some of the highest-profile litigations, investigations, and compliance risks in the news. Our growing list of applications includes detecting PII, PHI, privileged information, responsive documents, reputation-damaging information, and codewords pointing to corporate theft and fraud. Along the way, we're taking on one of the unsolved problems in AI: creating unsupervised machine learning algorithms that can recover the structure in any set of large-scale unstructured data, to transform the world's potential information into something much better: kinetic information.

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Between 50 - 200 employees



Headquarters Location

311 West 43rd St 12th Floor, New York, NY 10036






Apoorv Agarwal, Omar Haroun


Apoorv Agarwal
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June 2019


September 2016

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