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Playbook Technologies Inc logo

Playbook Technologies Inc

Marketplace where health, wellness and fitness creators share and monetize their freshest content with their clients, fans and followers. Follow us on Instagram @Playbook_App




Between 50 - 200 employees



Headquarters Location

New York, NY






Daniel Lohse
Daniel Lohse
Leon Mueller
Leon Mueller
Mike Radoor
Mike Radoor

Funding Rounds


  • Abstract Ventures
  • TechNexus
  • Porsche Ventures
  • Michael Ovitz
  • Headline
  • AglaĆ© Ventures
  • FJ Labs

October 2020


  • Renaud Visage
  • Ed Baker
  • Melody McCloskey
  • TechNexus
  • Ryan Hoover
  • Brendan O Driscoll
  • Daniel Graf
  • Alex Chung
  • Wei Guo
  • UpHonest Capital
  • The Fund
  • John Replogle

June 2020

Investors in Playbook Technologies Inc

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