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Panther is a serverless, security analytics platform built for cloud-focused security teams. We are a security and engineering-first company led by Airbnb and AWS alumni. Our roots come from building tools at some of the largest companies in the world to solve security issues at scale. We're on a mission to help security teams detect and respond to breaches at cloud-scale. Panther Benefits: - Analyze critical security data in real-time for quick feedback - Craft detections as Python code tailored to fit the needs of your organization - Store your logs to a security data lake for high scale investigations over Petabytes of data - Flexible SaaS deployment options for low ops overhead on your team - Open-source and trusted by the security community Panther Labs is headquartered in San Francisco with a globally distributed workforce. Our customers include GitLab, Cedar, Canva, Earnin, Scribd, Figma, among others. For more information, visit and follow us at @panther__labs on Twitter.

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Between 50 - 100 employees



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San Francisco, CA






Jack Naglieri


Jack Naglieri
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