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Orum is building the infrastructure for a frictionless financial system. The company enables enterprises in any industry to embed Orum’s infrastructure to offer smart, automated, and real-time money movement powered by proprietary intelligence. Through single API integration, partners across all industries can move money in real-time--optimizing for speed, cost, and risk, leveraging the predictive intelligence of Orum’s foundational Foresight product. Foresight is the first embeddable, predictive risk index for ACH. Using machine learning, predictive intelligence, and Orum’s proprietary data network, Foresight predicts risk before it occurs at the individual ACH transaction level, allowing partners to seamlessly build new products and unlock value. Orum was founded in 2019 by Stephany Kirkpatrick, CFP. Teams are distributed across the US.

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Between 20 - 100 employees



Headquarters Location

New York, NY






Ryan Cooke, Stephany Kirkpatrick


Stephany Kirkpatrick

Funding Rounds


June 2021


April 2021


August 2020

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