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Madison Reed

Madison Reed is an American brand of hair care and hair color products. The company has a subscription-based service through its online store as well as partnerships with Ulta, Sephora and QVC, among others. Madison Reed was founded in 2013 by Amy Errett and is headquartered in San Francisco.




Between 500 - 1,000 employees



Headquarters Location

San Francisco, CA






Amy Errett
Amy Errett
Eric Hutchinson
Eric Hutchinson
Sabrina Riddle
Sabrina Riddle


Amy Errett

Funding Rounds


  • Marcy Venture Partners
  • Sandbridge Capital

April 2022


September 2021


  • The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
  • Shea Ventures
  • True Ventures
  • Comcast Ventures
  • Portfolia
  • Norwest Venture Partners
  • Motley Fool Ventures

February 2021


  • Comcast Ventures
  • Norwest Venture Partners
  • 10X Capital
  • True Partners Consulting
  • Meaningful Partners

January 2019


  • Shea Ventures
  • Alumni Ventures Group
  • Comcast Ventures
  • True Ventures
  • Norwest Venture Partners

September 2015


January 2014


  • Evolution VC Partners
  • Maveron
  • True Ventures
  • Riverside Ventures
  • Peterson Ventures

April 2013

Investors in Madison Reed

Madison Reed Industries

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