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As a Seattle bike commuter I find there are two things I try to do while riding in an urban setting. First, be visible. Other cyclists and, more importantly, motorists need to be able to see me riding. Whether the bright colors of my jacket during the day or the blinking of lights at night I always want to be seen.Second, don't be a jerk. Being predictable to those around me while riding… · More means clear communication of my intentions. If I swerve irratically or turn without signaling I am, at least, being inconsiderate and, at worst, putting myself in danger from an accident with a vehicle or a close call due to road rage.Our product helps solve both those cycling goals and more. Get in touch to learn more and how you can help turn our prototype into a final product to be brought to market.




Between 1 - 10 employees



Headquarters Location

Seattle, WA





Funding Rounds

Frayd Media Industries

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