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Fernish is a furniture rental startup company that offers provides furniture as a subscription model to consumers living a mobile lifestyle. The company seeks to redefine the way the market sees furniture rental by positioning itself as a lifestyle brand. It offers a rent to own program that allows subscribers to apply their previous payments towards the cost of the piece or pieces they want to buy at the end of their subscription. Users are allowed to subscribe to an entire room or specific pieces and can even swap out things they don’t like or simply want to change up at any point. Founders Michael Barlow and Lucas Dickey launched the company in Los Angeles, California in 2017.

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Between 50 - 100 employees



Headquarters Location

Los Angeles, CA






Lucas Dickey, Michael L. Barlow Jr.


Michael L. Barlow

Funding Rounds


October 2021


May 2020


January 2019

Investors in Fernish

Fernish Industries

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