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Core Scientific

Core Scientific is a leader in Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence hosting, transaction processing and application development. In an increasingly distributed and connected world, we believe Blockchain and AI will fundamentally change the way information is processed, shared and stored across a range of industries. Core Scientific is pioneering new innovations and best practices in this nascent landscape, with demonstrated capabilities operating Blockchain and AI infrastructure at scale. Our platform is trusted by large-scale partners around the world to deliver reliable solutions that quickly adapt to dynamic market conditions. Core Scientific's corporate headquarters are located in Bellevue, WA.




Between 200 - 500 employees



Headquarters Location

106 East 6th Street Suite, Austin, TX 78701






Michael Levitt
Michael Levitt
Darin Feinstein
Darin Feinstein
Aber Whitcomb
Aber Whitcomb


Michael Levitt

Funding Rounds


  • Celsius

July 2021


May 2020


January 2020


December 2018

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