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Bitwise Industries logo

Bitwise Industries

Bitwise Industries was founded in 2013 to move Fresno’s technology ecosystem forward by focusing on the key areas of education, execution, and place. Education is delivered via Geekwise Academy, an accelerated training program providing real-world technology skills to all ages. Bitwise Industries provides execution by way of its full-service, custom software development firm, Shift3 Technologies. And, the ever-growing place component is made up of Bitwise’s collaborative workplace, Hashtag, the technology hub, Bitwise South Stadium, and two new projects currently under construction in downtown Fresno, Bitwise|41 and Bitwise State Center Warehouse.




Between 100 - 500 employees



Headquarters Location

Fresno, CA






Jake A. Soberal
Jake A. Soberal
Irma Olguin Jr.
Irma Olguin Jr.


Jake A. Soberal

Funding Rounds


  • Owens Corning

April 2021


  • Western Technology Investment
  • Libra Foundation/The
  • Candide Group
  • Impactassets
  • Plum Alley
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • GingerBread Capital
  • ProMedica Health System
  • Kapor Capital
  • Diverse Angels
  • Motley Fool Ventures
  • Hunt Investment Group LP

February 2021


  • Libra Foundation/The
  • Acumen America
  • Kapor Capital
  • Mark Cuban
  • Quality Jobs Fund
  • Reach Capital
  • Motley Fool Ventures
  • Pi Investments
  • Morgan Simon
  • New Voices Fund
  • Plum Alley
  • GingerBread Capital
  • Kat Taylor
  • Aera VC
  • Lumina Foundation
  • Acumen
  • Arlan Hamilton

June 2019


  • James Irvine Foundation

December 2018

Investors in Bitwise Industries

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