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Assuaged is a charitable and digital solution easing the global burden of chronic disease by curatively providing healthy product recommendations. Our driving mission is to help people make health-conscious choices following health-psychology and nutritional counseling principles in efforts to identify and improve health behavior. We define activism as an act of standing for unity. Assuaged continuously engages in creating valuable content, community service projects, and awareness events to evoke and support public health change. We envision an all-inclusive world where we prioritize collective care and optimal well-being for everyone. Our greatest asset is our specialized dream team of diverse experts. Together, we are stronger and we work to ensure the best ROI while building allegiance across every touchpoint.




Between 50 - 200 employees



Headquarters Location

Green Valley Lake, CA






Thane Murphy
Thane Murphy

Funding Rounds


December 2021


  • Newchip

November 2020


March 2020


February 2019


January 2017

Assuaged Industries

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