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Software Engineer – Device Drivers or Firmware (Mid to Senior Level Available) - Ethernovia

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Software Engineer – Device Drivers or Firmware (Mid to Senior Level Available)
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About Ethernovia

Ethernovia is fundamentally changing how cars of the future are built by unifying in-vehicle networks into an end-to-end Ethernet system. Founded in 2018, we’re inventing the future of automobile’s communication! We are transforming automobiles’ communication network to enable the autonomous driving, electrical vehicle (EV) and software defined revolutions. Our breakthrough compute, communication, and software virtualization ushers in a new era of car connectivity and capabilities. We bring together, accelerate, and unify the car’s cameras/sensors, compute, and outside world to enable new advanced driver assistance features and services.

Ethernovia's co-founders are serial technology entrepreneurs with multiple prior successful ventures together. We are well-funded and backed by some of the worlds’ leading technology investors, having secured $64m in Series A funding. (Ethernovia Raises $64 Million to Accelerate the Revolution of Vehicle Networks | Business Wire). Our financial backers include Porsche SE, Qualcomm, AMD, and Western Digital

Exciting news announced January 2024: Our CEO Ramin Shirani Named MotorTrend Software-Defined Vehicle Innovator Awards Winner ( 

September 2023: Continental and Ethernovia Announce Partnership to Develop Automotive Switch in 7nm
 - Ethernovia

Connected Car News: Helios, Continental, Ethernovia, Avanci, BMW, Mapbox, Porsche, SEMA, Honda, UltraSense, Flex Logix, Diodes Inc., Garmin, Toyota & Caruso | auto connected car news


With talented employees on 4 continents, we have filed > 50 patents to date.

Join Ethernovia’s team to make a lasting impact on the future of mobility. Come share in our success with pre-IPO shares, competitive compensation, and great benefits while growing your knowledge and career with world class talent. We are looking for talented engineers and leaders who have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to drive their design from concept to silicon to their next car.

Software Engineer – Device Drivers or Firmware (Mid to Senior Level Available)



Multiple Positions in Canada. 100% Remote work. Preference for those in or adjacent to Eastern Time Zone


Remote Working

Currently work is remote, possible expectation to move to office or combined later.


Job Description

You will be responsible for the Ethernovia’s Networking devices software stack development this may include Embedded Firmware, kernel/user mode device drivers, stack extensions, debug, and test utilities as well as automated unit/system testing. The drivers will integrate with the Communication Stack of a Linux and AUTOSAR Stack. The device drivers will allow the User application, Middleware and Operating system to take full advantage of the feature rich hardware. As for the firmware it configures, controls, and monitors the communication device and interacts with the host system via device drivers to expose hardware features of the devices. Firmware code may also run as a standalone library within the device driver itself


As a part of the Software team, you will be responsible for architecture, design, implementation, testing, and integration of the device drivers rolled into Ethernovia’s SDK. These drivers are built ground-up for safety critical automotive application.

Also, we build products with strict adherence to Functional Safety and hence every team member is required to fit into a culture of safety and best development practices.


Technical Qualifications

  • Bachelors or Master’s degree in Computer Science/Software or related field.
  • Work Experience: 3+ years for Mid-level and 7+ years for Senior Level position.
  • Strong understanding of Software Development lifecycle including Architecture, Implementation and Testing fundamentals.
  • Proficient in C/C++ Programming Language. Experience in Python is a plus.
  • Experience with Software Device Drivers, preferably for communication devices like Ethernet.
  • Deep understanding of Operating Systems, Kernel, Platform/Device drivers, preferably Linux Operating System, QNX or Real Time Operating System.
  • Experience with integration and testing with Operating System Device Driver Interfaces.
  • Hands on Experience with Hardware, preferably communication devices.
  • For Firmware role
    • Experience with Firmware, preferably for communication devices like Ethernet.
    • Experience with Embedded firmware, preferably for communication devices like Ethernet.
    • Experience with integration and testing of firmware and low-level code.
    • Hands on Experience with Hardware and embedded processors, preferably for communication devices.
    • Expertise in efficient code practices for code footprint and performance.


Nice to Have Experience with

  • Experience with simulation and emulation platforms.
  • GNU or similar compiler, debugging suite.
  • Embedded programming, preferably with communication devices and hardware buses like I2C, SPI, Ethernet, USB.
  • Building Automotive or other safety critical systems using qualification methods/processes like MISRA, ASPICE and ISO26262.
  • Communication protocols like Ethernet MAC, PHY, Switching, TCP/IP, Security, Serdes, PCIe, NTB, and SR-IOV.
  • Video processing standards and protocols
  • Code Version Control and Review tools/processes like Perforce/Git, Swarm.
  • Build systems like Yocto.
  • AUTOSAR Communication Stack
  • High performance drivers and test tools preferably networking and communications.
  • Virtualization and virtualized device drivers
  • Mixed Signal systems - Analog, Digital, Digital Signal Processing (DSP).
  • ARM family of processors or similar embedded processors.
  • Bootloaders like uboot or similar.


Soft Skills

  • Self-motivated and able to work effectively both independently and in a team.
  • Excellent communication/documentation skills.
  • Attention to details.


What you’ll get in return:

  • Technology depth and breadth expansion that can’t be found in a large company
  • Opportunity to grow your career as the company grows
  • Pre IPO stock options
  • Cutting edge technology
  • World class team
  • Competitive base salary
  • Flexible hours
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance for employees
  • Flexible vacation time to promote a healthy work-life balance


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Ethernovia Headquarters Location

San Jose, CA

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Between 100 - 500 employees

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  • Series A

    $64,000,000 USD

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