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thenext90 is web based application that provides business leaders the most efficient and productive system for implementing business, strategic and sales plans. In most cases, plans either sit in a document on an executive's shelf or in a Excel or Word Document on their hard drive. thenext90 is a simple and easy to use 3 screen process that allows leaders to:1. Cascade goals and tasks… · More so that everyone is accountable to plan2. Rolls up performance against goals and tasks. Leaders can easily monitor progress through Dashboards and Daily task list3. Planning is done in 90 Day sprints so that there's a sense of urgency to achieve.In addition to business planning module, thenext90 provides:1. Simplified and Integrated Lead Management System that has core contact management functionality without cost and complexity 2. Vision Boards: Allows company to communicate Company Vision and provides employees a fun way to stay inspired and motivated.
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