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UNLOCKING THE DEEP HUMAN GENOME We're building the future of medicine by engineering the most advanced scientific and technological innovation that unlock the Deep Human Genome. THE DEEP HUMAN GENOME When a disease is developing in the body, the affected cells die and shed into the bloodstream. Life-threatening diseases like cancer leave a unique combination of mutations in the DNA of these dead cells. By investigating every single copy of cell-free DNA in a blood sample, we can gain a uniquely deep and comprehensive insight into the body’s current health status. We call this comprehensive data set the DEEP HUMAN GENOME. ‍ To-date, no available technology has been able to fully utilize the life-saving information contained within in the Deep Human Genome. A NEW ERA OF PRECISION MEDICINE Medical technology now allows for cancer to be detected in a patient’s blood through cell-free DNA (cfDNA). Quantgene has developed a method for Deep Human Genome sequencing which allows us to see mutational patterns of disease down to a single molecule. This means diseases like cancer can be detected far earlier than ever before. ‍ The GRIFFIN Deep Genomics Platform enables us to profile cfDNA in a patient’s blood with near-absolute precision. This helps inform early cancer detection, prediction of disease onset as well as non-invasive treatment monitoring for longer healthier lives.


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