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UserGems is an AI-powered prospecting solution for revenue teams. By delivering prospects that are most likely to convert, UserGems helps companies drive bigger pipeline, faster sales cycle, and larger deals. Whenever your customers change their jobs, UserGems automatically surfaces them as new prospects to your sales reps. This allows your reps to be in front of the right buyers at the right time, and before the competition is. Leveraging machine learning, UserGems automatically identifies other prospects that look exactly like your best customers. That means you get a complete, up-to-date list of leads that match your ideal customer profile, persona and other key criteria without requiring reps to spends hours on researching.




Between 10 - 50 employees



Headquarters Location

San Francisco, CA






Stephan Kletzl
Stephan Kletzl
Christian Kletzl
Christian Kletzl


Christian Kletzl

Funding Rounds


October 2021


December 2020

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