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A robust, comprehensive HR software platform suitable for organizations of all sizes. SutiHR is an online HR platform that acts as an end to end solution for all your HRM needs. The robust platform is flexible and customizable to suit all your unique needs.Everything from one placeFrom recruitment to training and development, and from payroll and benefits administration to performance… · More management, you can handle all your HRM-related tasks from one place with SutiHR.Easy to use solutionWith SutiHR, you don’t need to be technical. Anyone can manage the solution due to its intuitive nature.Integrated analytics and DMSSutiHR comes with integrated solutions for data analytics and document management. If you want to further increase the scope of the HR solution, no problem. SutiHR can integrate with your legacy systems or any third-party application seamlessly.Extensive dashboardsEmployees of all levels have their own dashboards for quick and easy execution of their tasks.
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