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SeekOut is the next generation AI sourcing solution, enabling TA teams to recruit hard-to-find and diverse talent faster. The developers, experts, leaders and diverse talent who will have a 10X impact on your company can't be found with traditional tools. SeekOut helps you discover and engage these candidates so you can help propel your company forward with key hires.What makes SeekOut special: Unique sourcing solution for GitHub so recruiters are first to find untapped deep tech talent. First in industry sourcing solution and talent insights for over 80 million profiles in engineering and life sciences based on patents and research publications, so you get first to the innovation leaders. One-click access to millions of diverse candidates so recruiters can become a diversity hero. Best-in-class AI search over 500M profiles for tech and non-tech roles, so recruiters spend more time on added-value work. Industry-leading contact info and automated message campaigns so recruiters achieve high response rates. Custom search engines for 37 social networks/websites so recruiters have the most expansive view on available talent.With these capabilities, SeekOut can also reduce the investment need for multiple tools, while improving your ROI.

Headquarters Location
2475 152nd Ave NE Bldg 17 Suite 2475, Redmond, WA 98052
Total Investment Amount
Employee Count
50 - 100 employees
Year Founded
Anoop Gupta
Founded By
Anoop Gupta, Vikas Manocha, John Tippett, Aravind Bala
Is Public
Is Acquired
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