StackRank - a new app for agile product managersGive your customers what they want. StackRank makes it very easy to engage with your customers, partners, and stakeholders to get real-time feedback on the development of your business or product. Through the use of a proprietary, mobile-first, social, feedback engine; StackRank gives you the confidence you need to invest your resources efficiently… · More to bring the right product to market.StackRank is like socially connecting your backlog to your stakeholders so you can get feedback on your features in real-time throughout the product development process. StackRank makes it easy for you and your stakeholders to define items that should be in your backlog and to (stack)rank those items by stakeholder value. Each stakeholder simply manages their TopTen list of stack items that are most important to them. Along with the ability to like and dislike, a preference score is calculated for each item and the highest value ones float to the top.

Headquarters Location
Seattle, WA
Employee Count
1 - 10 employees
Is Public
Is Acquired

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