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RentHub is an innovative real estate data and intelligence platform with a focus on residential rentals. Our products provide real-time pricing information and forecasts for rental markets. Unlike for-sale markets that mandate the public recording of closed transactions and have central listing databases, rental markets often have neither. As a result, rental parties are forced to guess when it comes to pricing and making market assumptions. Ultimately, money is lost, time is wasted, and tenants are unhappy. We have created a product that brings sophisticated statistical analysis to residential rental markets. We collect and analyze a continuous stream of listing and property data to provide real-time pricing analytics. Armed with this information, landlords and property managers can say goodbye to tedious and inaccurate market surveys and the rental pricing guessing game.




Between 2 - 10 employees



Headquarters Location

Chicago, IL






Greg Phillips
Greg Phillips
Christopher Connell
Christopher Connell
John Njoku
John Njoku
Hubert Pieńkowski
Hubert Pieńkowski


John Njoku

Funding Rounds


  • Start-Up Chile

April 2012


  • Dreamit Ventures
  • Comcast Ventures

September 2011

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