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Reliant Immune Diagnostics is building a complete consumer-driven health platform that provides testing, diagnosing, and monitoring solutions. We accomplish this with a suite of diagnostic tests, AI / Machine Learning-driven diagnostic tools, and personal health data tracking. We are a team of experts specializing in scientific research, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. We are leveraging the latest innovations in biomedical engineering and machine learning to develop cutting-edge techniques and algorithms for in-home rapid tests, medical AI systems, and big data analytics. We are giving control and convenience to the consumer; every user with a mobile phone will be empowered to take charge of his or her own health care anywhere, anytime.

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Between 10 - 50 employees



Headquarters Location

6500 Riverplace Blvd Bldg 4 Suite 102, Austin, TX 78730






Henry Legere
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December 2018


March 2016

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