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Real Time Risk Solutions

Real Time Risk Solutions (“RTRS”) develops risk management platforms with advanced analytics to identify risk (safety, fraud, quality, compliance and environmental) across any industry in real-time. Real Time Risk Solutions’ platform configures to each client’s unique risk characteristics. Clients leverage individuals’ data collection using RTRS’ mobile apps to capture risk data in the field. Executive Dashboards analyze risk data in real-time across all clients in a single location. RTRS has initially focused on the construction, healthcare & manufacturing industries. The system is intuitive, mobile-based, and scalable - providing real-time analytics to assure that clients are in compliance with their standard operating procedures, while continuously benchmarking their internal practices against industry best practices. The cloud-based platform is available on PC, iPhone, iPad, as well as Android devices. The RTRS platform’s knowledgebase is a powerful internal training tool that lends itself well to institutionalizing processes and knowledge transfer from experienced employees across the organization. RTRS enables true continuous improvement across the entire enterprise and facilitates accountability, transparency and real-time, actionable intelligence for all stakeholders. RTRS aggregates information into Executive Dashboards giving risk managers the ability to visualize risk exposure across the business while being able to drill-down to specific risk assets/hazards.




Between 10 - 50 employees



Headquarters Location

1 N State St 1500, Chicago, IL 60602






Cory Davis
Cory Davis

Funding Rounds


September 2020


June 2019


February 2017


November 2015


May 2015

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