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RaCom is a product of Marici Technology Solutions, based in Seattle USA, a Helios Corp. Group Company. RaCom was created in order to offer a well-trained eCommerce chatbot which can serve customers and offer a smoother shopping experience. Ra is an intelligent chat widget designed using the AI technology and can be integrated with eCommerce platforms as well as various communication channels. The chatbot is so designed and trained that it can act as a human substitute for help and assistance for over hundreds of commonly arising situations in eCommerce. Ra can be customised according to the company’s theme and requirements and programmed to provide customer support around the clock. It is a ready-to-serve bot awaiting you to integrate it with your eCommerce. Here are the few functionalities that Ra has to offer: Track order Change address Request to contact View or download invoice Manage complaints and queries View categories Discover products Whitelist items View cart items Visit the website to take a demo of Ra:




Between 1 - 10 employees



Headquarters Location

1601 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101





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