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Productiv is a real-time engagement data and insights platform used to manage SaaS applications. It enables IT, leaders, to visualize, rationalize, and maximize their SaaS application portfolio in a way that is right for their people, their budget, and their business. Productiv’s cloud-based dashboard integrates with single sign-on tools to track login activity and extract purchase and license data from contracts, finance, and expense reporting systems. The platform surfaces usage data and over 50 different engagement dimensions that can highlight redundant apps, offering an organization-wide view of agreements and expired software. Configurable rules enable admins to reclaim licenses automatically, and usage logs — including charts that plot the number of engaged users, teams, and locations over time — make it easier to compare stats to industry benchmarks and to determine best practices that might boost productivity. In 2018, co-founders Jody Shapiro, Ashish Aggarwal, and Munish Gandhi established the company in Palo Alto, California

Headquarters Location
325 Forest Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301
Total Investment Amount
Employee Count
50 - 100 employees
Year Founded
Jody Shapiro
Founded By
Munish Gandhi, Ashish Aggarwal, Jody Shapiro
Is Public
Is Acquired

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