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Perceptive Automata is solving what is often described as the hardest of the hard problems for automated driving: human behavior prediction technology for the safe large-scale rollout of highly automated (L2/3) and autonomous (L4/5) vehicles, especially in urban areas. The company enables those vehicles to understand what people might do next so they can navigate safely and smoothly around humans, including pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers. The level of understanding of our human-like AI goes well beyond what standard physics-based approaches can deliver, including information that can’t be gained any other way. Importantly, in addition to increased safety, we enable a much more natural and smooth human-like driving of L4/5 autonomous vehicles. This is essential for autonomous vehicles to be accepted into a human-dominated road environment and also by passengers of robotaxi services. Without this capability autonomous vehicles simply will not function well enough. Perceptive Automata is working with OEMs, suppliers, and tech companies that are building or integrating ADAS and autonomous driving systems. The team is comprised of Harvard, MIT, and Stanford neuroscientists and AI experts working out of offices in Boston and Silicon Valley.

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Between 20 - 50 employees



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230 Somerville Ave, Boston, MA 02143






Avery Faller, Sid Misra, Sam Anthony, Walter Scheirer


Sid Misra
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