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Oqton is a global startup solving today’s manufacturing challenges with an AI-powered factory operating system. Oqton FactoryOS is a cloud-based platform that links data across the manufacturing ecosystem - from design to production to logistics - and uses it to understand, optimize and drive these highly interdependent but traditionally siloed processes. The Oqton vision is to enable manufacturers to operate agile factories that manage complex product mixes with lower inventory and a simplified supply chain, all in an open cloud platform. Founded by experts in the fields of manufacturing and AI, we combine the benefit of decades of industry experience with the agility of a startup mindset.


Total Amount Raised: $40,000,000.00

Oqton Funding Rounds

  • Series A


    Series A Investors

    Fortino Capital
    Samir Hanna
    Benjamin Schrauwen
    Carl Bass
    Dries Buytaert
    Peter Mercelis
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