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MediaAlpha is the industry's first transparent, vertically integrated marketplace bringing Real-Time Bidding (''RTB'') to performance-based advertising. The innovative ad-tech platform is already home to the largest online insurance advertisers, offering them unparalleled targeting capabilities using structured search and big data, while helping sellers increase monetization with best-of-breed yield optimization algorithms. For advertisers, the MediaAlpha Exchange offers a robust, best-in-class RTB demand side platform (''DSP'') with rapidly growing access to inventory from leading insurance publishers. The platform enables advertisers to use the next-generation RTB to target and acquire the highest intent customers via data-driven, custom audience and bidding strategies for clicks, call, and leads. Publishers also benefit from the MediaAlpha Exchange's sophisticated demand management and yield optimization capabilities that drive competition for and maximize the yield from their insurance advertising inventory. The platform's world class analytics and reporting also gives publishers the tools to create traffic acquisition strategies and make more insightful real-time business decisions.

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Between 50 - 200 employees



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700 S Flower St suite 640, Los Angeles, CA 90017






Steve Yi
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June 2017

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