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We are a venture backed early-stage startup building a new breed of dating app, Matter. Matter is a dating app that respects everything you are, inside and out. We have re-imagined the entire experience of fostering meaningful connections. Matter evokes the idea of ‘the things that matter’ - i.e. someone’s interests, values, sense of humor, perspectives etc. With features that actively encourage and reward conversation, our app pushes these things that matter to the forefront. On Matter, safety and privacy matters. We are working hard to be the safest dating app. We go above and beyond to ensure that, on Matter, there are real people with real profiles and built-in features that protect our users. By conscious and deliberate choice, we have a business model that respects our users’ data and privacy. On Matter, you are NOT the product! At Matter, you matter! For the first time in online dating, we are applying advanced machine learning (i.e. collaborative filtering) technique to create the best user experience to discover and match based on what matters the most to individual users. Behind Matter, there is a mission driven team with shared beliefs. We are a team of free spirits who like to ask why and see problems that are not apparent. We are also a team of creators who get a kick out of bringing solutions to the problems. Behind our team, there are visionaries and venture investors who believe in us and think that we are onto something big.

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St. Louis Park, MN 55416