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Kindred is the easiest way to grow your professional network with valuable and trusted connections. Simply sign up, add your most trusted connections, and get access to their trusted connections. With a few taps, you can request introductions to 2nd degree connections from your first degree connections. Likewise, you can make introductions to others in your network. Most actual business networking is done this way already, so we've just made it easier. Need more? We offer a premium subscription called Kindred Plus, which provides advanced filtering options, and the ability to connect with 2nd degree connections without an introduction. Over the past 5 years, Kindred has strived to create a valuable and meaningful tool to connect people, and we believe you'll love what we have come up with. Please send us your feedback to

Total Amount Raised: $22,750,000

Kindred Funding Rounds

  • Series A


    Series A Investors

    Dylan Field
    New Enterprise Associates (NEA)
    Bessemer Venture Partners
    Caffeinated Capital
    Evan Moore
    Andreessen Horowitz
    Outset Capital
  • Seed


    Seed Investors

    Lenny Rachitsky
    Bessemer Venture Partners
    Caffeinated Capital
    Eric Wu
    Adena Hefets
    Andreessen Horowitz
    Sahil Bloom
    Daniel Pourasghar
    Elad Gil
    Rohan Seth
    Payal Kadakia
    Julian Shapiro
    Outset Capital
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