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Infoshare Systems

Infoshare group is comprised of Varutra consulting, Pristine Rehab Care. Infoshare is one of the most promising group in Digital services and consulting California based corporation established in 2006, and operates over India & USA. Our purpose is not only to help Digitization but also assist to run smooth, secure, and sustainable business. With our dynamic business solution, unique & innovative approaches and tech experts help to shape the future of digital and yours too. Its operations are divided into five sectors: Information Security Services, IT Services, Business Services & Staffing Services. Our Offerings Cyber Security, AI Healthcare, Webdesign & CRM, E-Commerce, Application Development, BI & Analytics, product development, System Integration, Strategic Consulting, Testing & Maintenance, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT), Security audit, Staffing and corporate training services. Our products Nightingale - AI powered virtual nurse MASTS NIC- National Informatics Centre Security Dashboard MSSD- Managed SOC Dashboard CSAD- Cyber Security Advisory Dashboard Visit us Infoshare Systems ( ) Varutra Consulting ( Pristine Rehab Care (




Between 50 - 200 employees



Headquarters Location

Mission Viejo, CA





Infoshare Systems Industries

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