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About Hearken enables media outlets to include their audiences in storytelling, pre-publication. Hearken is an audience-driven framework and platform enabling journalists to partner with the public throughout the reporting process, resulting in relevant and ... high performing content. This is not user-generated content; it’s not crowdsourcing in the traditional sense. Hearken is public-powered journalism. We help media outlets partner with and gain insight from audiences during reporting - from story genesis to completion. Founding Date January 2015 Products The Hearken platform offers a full-service site as well as embeddable, responsive modules for content creators to derive insight from and partner with their aud ... iences. The platform includes responsible modules for gathering audience questions, audience votes and for generating leads. The backend is designed for ease of use for content creators and media organizations.




Between 20 - 50 employees



Headquarters Location

Chicago, IL






Jennifer Brandel
Jennifer Brandel
Corey Haines
Corey Haines


Peter Skov Kragh Halling

Funding Rounds


  • Lena Street
  • M25

October 2015


February 2015

Hearken Industries

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