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Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners’ Global Expansion Platform™ enables you to hire in more than 150 countries within days, and without the need to set up costly foreign subsidiaries. You identify great talent anywhere in the world, and we put them on our fully compliant global payroll - lifting the burden of global corporate tax, legal, and HR matters from your shoulders to ours. Whether it’s to test a new market or expand your talent pool, Globalization Partners is the most trustworthy solution in the market. We have dual U.S. headquarters to serve you in Boston and San Diego, and regional hub offices located worldwide in Germany, the UAE, India, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, and the UK. Globalization Partners is also the only global employer of record that is Privacy Shield certified for HR Data. To find out more, please visit




Between 200 - 500 employees



Headquarters Location

Boston, MA






Nicole Sahin
Nicole Sahin


Bob Cahill

Funding Rounds


  • Vista Equity Partners

January 2022


  • TDR Capital
  • Sands Capital Ventures
  • Wincove

February 2020

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