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The Deferred Sales Trust™ is an exclusive tax deferral strategy that is only available through the Estate Planning Team and its members. In today's challenging and competitive market place, professionals are looking for innovative ways to earn business. How do you prospect for new clients and earn new business from your existing clients? How do you set yourself apart from the competition and position yourself as the knowledgeable professional in your industry? Estate Planning Team is a membership organization with a network of experienced professionals who offer the Deferred Sales Trust™. These professionals include financial advisors, insurance and real estate professionals, business brokers, attorneys, CPA’s, Qualified Intermediaries, and other professional partners. Estate Planning Team’s organization stretches throughout the United States, providing significant capital gains tax deferral via the Deferred Sales Trust™, a flexible 1031 Exchange alternative. The Deferred Sales Trust™ is offered exclusively by Estate Planning Team members along with experienced and specialized tax attorneys. These tax attorneys have unique expertise at structuring transactions in this manner for sellers of highly appreciated real estate, businesses or other highly appreciated assets, who wish to defer their capital gains taxes. The DST can defer capital gains taxes on the sale of almost any type of highly appreciated asset including: businesses & professional practices, commercial real estate, investment properties, high end primary residences, major stock positions, and very valuable artwork and collectibles, among other things. With membership, we provide the marketing tools to grow your business using the DST. If you’re interested in joining the Estate Planning Team & want to market the Deferred Sales Trust™, go to and click JOIN NOW! For more information, email [email protected] or call us at 760-779-5339!

Headquarters Location
45110 Club Dr Ste A, Indian Wells, CA 92210-8873
Employee Count
200 - 500 employees
Year Founded
Is Public
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