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Enervee is the world's first platform-oriented company that drives energy efficiency and consumer engagement through a suite of innovative SaaS products that change how we buy energy-using products. We know the majority of us don’t care enough when it comes to buying the sorts of products that use energy. It’s no-one’s fault; fridges are simply not that exciting. But redesigning that process to buy is exciting. To make this a reality we combine world-class data science, behavioral science, software engineering and digital marketing. We’re a diverse mix of specialists and experts in our fields: data, behavior, design, marketing, engineering, energy, finance and client management, the list goes on. It’s not always easy combining these disciplines, but it means our outputs are innovative and our results are robust. For a challenge this large and complex, nothing less will do. Our range of products deliver energy efficiency, and build customer awareness and engagement. We do this through high quality interventions in online consumer decision making to drive more energy efficient choices. Our products are built for clients who are utilities, manufacturers, retailers and government departments. With offices in California, London and Berlin, we're committed to making energy efficiency choices for everyone simple, clear and engaging. To make these choices are financially, environmentally and socially compelling. We currently partner with a number of forward-thinking utilities in the US and Europe and provide our services to governments worldwide. We're backed by one of the most innovative venture funds, Obvious Ventures, and one of world's largest utilities. We are also growing, which means we're on the look out for talented and motivated professionals in the areas of engineering, client management, marketing and sales.

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Between 50 - 200 employees



Headquarters Location

2114 Narcissus Ct, Los Angeles, CA 90071






Guy Champniss, PhD, Matthias Kurwig, Don Epperson


Matthias Kurwig
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