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Energy Plum

If you are a participant in the Texas power market then the Energy Plum platform (Energy Plum) was designed for you. Unlike other back office platforms that have come before us, we assure you that nothing compares to this suite of tools, which have been designed to automate your sales organization and drive productivity. Energy Plum has been a collaboration of directional design, with ongoing feedback from of several of the nations largest Retail Energy Provider (REP's), Smart Meter Texas (SMT), ERCOT and a countless number of Brokers, all of which influenced the final product. This multi-year development effort has resulted in an easy to use, yet comprehensive, SaaS based platform that has been designed by the power industry, for the power industry. Energy Plum addresses many of the operational pain-points that have hindered industry participants for over four decades. Energy Plum was designed as a technology platform that every industry participant may benefit from. Consider Energy Plum as the platform that ''levels the playing field'', bring the latest technology processes to your energy sales organization.




Between 2 - 10 employees



Headquarters Location

Katy, TX






Christopher Landrum
Christopher Landrum
Robert Wichert MS PE
Robert Wichert MS PE

Funding Rounds


January 2021

Energy Plum Industries

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