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DocGrok is a Saas solution that enables teams to easily create, share and collaborate upon explanations using the power of visual storytelling. With our drawing canvasses built right into version-controlled, wiki-like pages, knowledge workers can put together: * Animated, interactive stories in diagrams * Multi-persona UX prototypes with live components * A variety of chart-types with… · More animations to explain changes in data * Rich text editing * Sortable tables * Media (videos and images) Visual explanations are the heart of what distinguishes us from others, but we did take care of table-stakes to ensure high engagement. These are features such as: * Social feed with mobile notifications and a native app * Inline comments with voting features* Category tagging and discovery of subject matter experts * Indexing, storing & searching for data within documents, PDFs, files etc * Enterprise-ready features like access controls, audit compliance and tracking accesses/progress.

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Between 1 - 100 employees



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Seattle, WA





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