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Canopy's mission is to protect the world's well-being by creating sustainable products that increase human safety, performance and comfort. Our first product--Canopy Hero Pro--is the best positioned solution in the emerging multi-billion-dollar market for reusable respiratory protection in healthcare. Our patented, see-through filtration system is safer, more cost effective, comfortable, and environmentally friendly than disposable N95s. Only 3 other companies worldwide have approved products in this category (all legacy 'gas mask' designs for industrial use), and Canopy is poised to become the first with a clean-sheet design for use in healthcare. Our made-in-Vermont product exceeds all federal safety standards, we’re fulfilling DTC orders with an NPS score that smokes the competition, and through a strategic commercialization partnership, we have a B2B pipeline of the largest health systems in the US (and NHS in the UK) eager to pilot Canopy upon regulatory approval. We’ve built a highly scalable, capital-efficient business model and are poised for rapid growth in early 2022.




Between 2 - 10 employees



Headquarters Location

282 Katonah Avenue #537, Katonah, NY 10536






Joe Rosenberg
Joe Rosenberg


Joe Rosenberg

Funding Rounds


  • Republic

December 2020


  • Grove North Ventures

December 2020


  • Marty Glick

October 2020


  • Grove North Ventures

May 2020

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